Etrian Odyssey III HD: Ocean Exploration Guides

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Ocean Exploration Guide

This article consists of the following sections.

  • Skandalia Lighthouse
  • Trade City Batavia
  • Ayutthaya Port
  • Tortuga Island


Skandalia Lighthouse

Etrian Odyssey III HD: Skandalia Lighthouse

  1. An event occurs when you approach the Skandalia Lighthouse at C-3.
  2. Talk to the guard at C-5 to obtain Dried Peas.
  3. Equip the Dried Peas and speak with the elderly person at B-4.
  4. Obtain a ceder at D-4.
  5. Give the cedar to the elderly person to receive Sheep Cheese.
  6. Equip the Sheep Cheese and proceed to the tower at C-3. You can reach the Skandalia Lighthouse by passing west on the north or south side of the Skandalia Lighthouse and using the ocean current to go around from the back. Obtain Foremast after reaching the lighthouse.


Trade City Batavia

Etrian Odyssey III HD Trade City Batavia

  1. Head to the island at C-7 and inspect the island to obtain Raisins.
  2. Equip Raisins and Foremast and proceed to the Trade City Batavia at D-6. Ride the current at D-5 and take an easterly or southerly route.


Ayutthaya Port

  1. Equip Raisins and Foremast and proceed to the Ayutthaya Port at B-6.
  2. Ride the current at D-5 and take an northerly route.


Tortuga Island

  1. Equip Raisins or Lime Fruits and Foremast and proceed to the Tortuga Island at E-2.
  2. The island can be reached by riding the western current from the starting point and then, from there, heading south and going around from the west side.