Tactics Ogre Reborn – Chapter 1 Walkthrough


Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Chapter 1

After choosing your favorite tarot cards, the story begins.



This is the first battle. But you don’t need to fight against Lanselot, Gildas, Mirdyn, and Canopus.



Denam, Vyce, and Catiua are engaged in a tutorial battle against Agares’ troops. Take this opportunity to become familiar with the game’s controls and mechanics.


The Gates of Almorica

You won’t have to struggle with anything. You have Lanselot and his team with you.


Almorica Passageway

It is good time to become familiar with the game’s controls and mechanics. After the battle, you can choose Train menu.


Tynemouth Hill

Lancelot leaves the unit, but Canopus joins the unit.



Let’s aim to save Donnalto in this battle. Afterward, Voltare and Sara will join your unit. If you manage to keep Donnalto alive after defeating Moldova, he will also join your unit. Felicia will join your unit instead if Donnalto dies. An event happens in Almorica after the battle.


Qadriga Fortress (Optional Battle)

This is an optional battle, but it can be a bit challenging to clear this stage. You can try battling in this fortress until right before the Balmamusa attack. 

Nybeth summons undead monsters, and there seems to be no limit to their number! If undead monsters are not exorcised with an exorcism spell, they will be resurrected after three turns. It’s recommended that you focus on attacking Nybeth, while Canopus supports with ranged attacks using his bow.

You will fight against Nybeth in the Palace of the Dead during Chapter 4.


The Golborza Plain

There’s nothing particularly difficult about it.


The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

Let’s aim to save Cistina in this battle. If you choose the C route, it is possible for her to join your unit. You might want to continue to heal her with heal magic if you want to keep her alive. An event happens in Almorica after the battle.


Lake Bordu

Nothing in particular. It is not a tough battle.


Xeod Moors

This stage can be cleared by setting one of the Ganpp, Obda, and Berda to low HP. This battle is a little difficult to fight normally. It is a good idea to quickly reduce the HP of either griffon.



This battle is not very difficult. You have the advantage due to your higher position, so it’s best to prioritize defeating the archers first.

After the battle, you will need to choose between the L or C route. The question is whether or not to follow Leonard.

L route
I understand.
C route
Stop this Lunacy!

Following Leonard will lead you to the L route. If you choose not to follow him, you will take C route. In C route, there will be a split that leads to N route later on.