Wildling – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Wildling - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Wildling among these classes.


Wilding is a class that allows you to summon a beast to an empty party slot. Each person can summon one Beast and control a flying bird, a mole in the ground, or the king of a hundred beasts. The Beast’s main role is to incapacitate the enemy with its abnormal status attacks. However, it is important to note that this game makes it harder for the same status abnormality to be applied twice. Also, you cannot command the beast to perform specific actions; the higher the level of the Wilding, the stronger the beast becomes. The Beast has high HP, , so it is best to keep it in the front line.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Beast Soul Class A skill for wildlings that raises the power of summoned beasts.
Wild Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for summoning beasts. Ailment success rate of beasts rises.
Nature Pact Passive A beast may take a mortal blow in your place.
Sacrifice 1
Nature Pact Lv3
A beast may take a physical blow instead of an ally in the same row.
Sacrifice 2 A beast may take an elemental blow instead of an ally in the same row.
Alertness Passive It raises awareness to reduce the chance of being ambushed.
Beast Roar Support A loud roar lowers the physical damage of all enemies for 3 turns.
Primal Drums Support It threatens enemies, lowering their defense for three turns.
Dismiss Beast Special
Wild Mastery Lv1
It calls back a summoned beast. When they return, you regain the TP.
Call Bird
It summons a great bird that deals pierce damage and binds the head.
Call Snake It summons a great snake that deals strike damage and binds the arms.
Call Mole It summons a great mole that deals slash damage and binds the legs.
Call Insect Wild Mastery Lv3 It summons a venomous butterfly that deals slash damage and poison.
Call Owl Wild Mastery Lv5 It summons a beguiling owl that may put all enemies to sleep.
Call Ooze Wild Mastery Lv6
Nature Pact Lv10
It summons a swamp ooze to deal slash damage and plague to one enemy.
Call Cow Wild Mastery Lv7
Call Owl Lv4
It summons a wild, violent cow dealing random pierce damage and paralysis.
Call Elephant Wild Mastery Lv7
Call Insect Lv4
It summons a desert elephant. Strike damage will confuse all enemies.
Call Tiger Wild Mastery Lv10
Sacrifice 2 Lv5
It summons a sabretooth tiger. Glare attacks will defeat all enemies.
Call Lion Wild Mastery Lv10
Sacrifice 1 Lv5
It summons a sleeping lion. When it awakens, it stuns and paralyzes.