Etrian Odyssey III HD: All Ailments

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


In this game, there are three categories of ailments: abnormal status, binding status, and stun. With the exception of “battle disablement” and “petrification,” most abnormal statuses and stuns have a chance to recover spontaneously during battle over the course of a turn. At the end of a battle, all abnormalities except for “disable” and “petrification” are automatically cured.

Each time an ailment is applied during a battle, there is a gradual increase in resistance, resulting in a decrease in the success rate of inflicting the same status again. This mechanism is known as “cumulative resistance.” The concept of cumulative resistance applies to all characters, including allies, minor enemies, and bosses. For allies, after the fourth time, the resistance reaches full resistance, resulting in a 100% nullification of the status. From the fifth attempt onwards, the character becomes completely immune to that particular status. Enemies have their own base resistance values, and many F.O.E.s and bosses may reach full resistance upon the first attempt. The increase in cumulative resistance does not affect the “effect” of the status, such as the duration of sleep or the damage caused by poison. However, it only decreases the “infliction rate” of the status. The accumulated resistance is reset at the end of a battle, when losing a battle, or through transformation.


Ailments List

We will now provide information about the following three negative status list mentioned below.

  • Abnormal Status
  • Binding Status
  • Stun


Abnormal Status 

Abnormal Status  Detail Skill 
Instant Death If you are hit by “Instant Death,” you are immediately incapacitated. Instant death cannot be prevented by Prevent Order. The effect of incapacitation lasts even after the battle. Kubikiri (Ninja)
Call Tiger (Wilding)
Kaishaku (Shogun)
Petrification When a character is petrified, they are unable to take any actions or dodge attacks. Petrification cannot be cured by using the Waking Chakra item.

If all members of the vanguard party become petrified, their positions will be switched with the rear guard party at the end of the turn. However, if all party members, both vanguard and rear guard, become petrified, it will result in a Game Over. When a monster is petrified, it becomes instantly incapacitated.

The effect of petrification lasts even after the battle.

Izuna (Ninja)
Curse When a character under the curse status attacks, if they deal damage but fail to defeat the opponent, they will receive half of the damage they dealt as a counter effect.

A character under the curse status will not suffer any recoil damage if they refrain from attacking. Additionally, while cursed, they will be immune to the effects of sleep and poison.

Darkness Fist (Monk)
Decay When you are in a state of decay, you will take a set amount of damage at the end of your turn. If left unchecked, it will infect other characters; some enemies take more damage while in the state of decay, so be sure to heal them as soon as possible! Call Lion (Wilding)
Poison Poisoning inflicts a specific amount of damage at the end of each turn, sometimes exceeding 100 points of damage. Makibishi (Ninja)
Call Insect (Wilding)
Sleep While asleep, characters are unable to take any actions and receive 1.5 times more damage from physical attacks. If the sleeping character is damaged even once, they will wake up from their slumber. Fukubari (Ninja)
Call Owl (Wilding)
Confusion When confused, a character will attack both enemies and allies indiscriminately. Likewise, enemies will only use regular attacks, preventing them from using troublesome skills. Crushing Blow (Gladiator)
Call Elephant (Wilding)
Palarize Paralysis may result in the inability to act. It will not be released even if attacked. Kikouken (Monk)
Call Cow (Wilding)
Call Lion (Wilding)
EM Barrier (Yggdroid)
Blindness In the “blindness” state, the accuracy of physical and magical attacks is reduced. Additionally, the character affected by blindness will be unable to evade attacks. Lights Out (Buccaneer)
Smoke Grenades (Arbalist)


Binding Status 

Binding Detail Skill 
Head Binding If a character’s head is bound, their TEC is reduced, and they will take increased damage from attribute attacks. On the other hand, if an enemy’s head is bound, the damage inflicted by attribute attacks on them will increase. Additionally, if a monk’s head is sealed, they will be unable to use their skills. In such cases, it is recommended to heal the monk with Theriaca A to remove the head seal and restore their ability to use skills. Hanging (Baccaneer)
Call Bird (Wilding)
Strange Seeds (Farmer)
Arm Binding If the arm is bound, it will disable the attack skills of the vanguard and the various guard skills of the Hoplite. Moreover, the attack power, which relies on the STR stat, will be halved. Arm Breaker (Gladiator)
Call Snake (Wilding)
Strange Seeds (Farmer)
Leg Binding If your legs are bound, you will be unable to evade attacks or escape from combat. However, it’s important to note that AGI and action speed are not affected by leg binding. When facing enemies with low hit rates but high power, they will always hit you if your legs are bound. On the other hand, if the enemy’s legs are sealed, their attacks will always hit. Kagenui (Ninja)
Call Mole (Wilding)
Strange Seeds (Farmer)



Once stunned, all actions taken that turn will be crushed. It cannot be prevented by a Prevent Order. Characters who have already completed their actions will not be subject to that turn stun. Note that a character who is about to activate a Limit Skill, which is activated at the end of the turn, will be subject to the stun.