Monk – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Monk - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Monk among these classes.


Monk is a healer who can heal their allies and also deal damage with their bare hands, knives, and blunt weapons. They have higher STR stat compared to Sovereign and Hoplite. However, their effectiveness in battle can be affected by the situation. Additionally, their skills consume a lot of TP, so it’s important to use them wisely. To act quickly, it’s also recommended to avoid heavy equipment. If you want to recover at the end of the turn, you also need to equip heavier armor.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Form Qi Class A monk skill that adds HP recovery to other healing skills.
Waking Chakra Passive It increases your rate of recovery from status ailments.
Ascetic Reward Passive Once per battle, all allies will recover HP upon your death.
Blood Return Passive It regains TP if any ally is defeated.
Fire Walk Search It decreases damage from trap floors for a certain number of steps.
Ascetic Deeds Passive Ascetic Reward Lv3
Blood Return Lv3
It recovers HP each time you use a skill in battle.
Healing Healing Healing qi will recover one ally’s HP.
Healing Lv2
Heal status effects on allies. Range increases with skill level.
Unbind It heals bound allies. Range increases with skill level.
Resurrect Healing Unbind Lv2
Refresh Lv2
It revives one ally with healing qi.
Line Heal Healing Healing Lv4 It recovers one row of allies’ HP using healing qi.
Party Heal Healing Line Heal Lv5 Healing qi will recover all allies’ HP.
Full Heal Healing Healing Lv5 Healing qi will recover all HP for one ally.
Fist Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for martial arts skills that raises bare-hand damage dealt.
Kikouken Fist Fist Mastery Lv1 A strike attack sending your qi against one enemy. May paralyze.
Breakfire Fist Fist Fist Mastery Lv3
Waking Chakra Lv3
A strike and fire attack that hits enemies at random.
Fist Mastery Lv8
Counter an enemy’s physical attack with a strike attack.
Retaliate Counter an enemy’s elemental attack with a strike attack.
Darkness Fist Fist Fist Mastery Lv10
Breakfire Fist Lv3
It sacrifices HP to strike all enemies. May inflict curse.