Etrian Odyssey III HD: Deep Lady & Deep One (Boss) B10

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Deep Lady & Deep One

Floor B10
Name Deep Lady
HP 2,208
Resistance Fire (x0.5)
Ice (x0.5)
Lightning (x0.5)
Skill  Normal Attack
Dis-Element Head Increase fire, ice, and lightning elemental resistance of Deep Lady and Deep One, including the turn of use, for a duration of 3 turns.
Zone Icicle Head Deals ice damage to all party members.
EXP 3,602
Floor B10
Name Deep One
HP 1,738
Weaknesses Fire (x1.5)
Ice (x1.5)
Lightning (x1.5)
Resistance Crushing (x0.5)
Piercing (x0.5)
Slashing (x0.5)
Skill  Normal Attack
Leaping Slash Arms Slash damage to the front line.
Crystal Edge Legs During the turn of use, Deep Lady’s Zone Icicle skill inflicts slashing damage on a party member who has been hit by it.
Cover From the moment it is used until the end of the turn, it protects Deep Lady from damage. In addition, the damage is slightly reduced than it should be.
EXP 3,617

Be prepared for a tough battle when you enter the room in the center of the 10th basement floor, as you will have to face both Deep Lady and Deep One simultaneously.

To increase your chances of success in the battle against Deep Lady and Deep One on the 10th basement floor, it is important to focus your attacks strategically. Deep Lady should be targeted with physical attacks, while Deep One is vulnerable to elemental attacks. However, be aware that Deep Lady can use the “Dis-Element" skill, rendering your elemental attacks ineffective. To counter this, use items such as “Ice Mist" and “Laudanum" to remove the Dis-Element effect, or employ the Sovereign’s skill “Ad Nihilo" to nullify it. If Deep Lady’s head is bound, Deep Lady will not be able to use her skills. Additionally, putting Deep One to sleep can be a helpful tactic.

Avoid selecting the option “Attack it, quickly" after defeating Deep Lady and Deep One, as it will trigger another battle against them. Instead, choose a different option to proceed without engaging in another fight.