Etrian Odyssey III HD: Narmer (Boss) B4


Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


Floor B4
Name Narmer
HP 3,281
Weaknesses Lightning (x 1.5)
Skill Normal Attack (Crushing)
Fin Smack (Do heavy damage to single target.)
Mud Throw (Do medium Ice damage to the front row. High chances of inflicting blind to the target.)

Whip Ripper (A random target attack that does slashing damage to 2 – 4 party members.)
Dive (Six 'hole’ targets are given out and it hides itself in one of them.)
Submerged Move (Do medium Ice damage to the front row. High chances of inflicting blind to the target.)
Earthquake (Do heavy damage to the whole party. Used when submerged in the mud.)
Item Volt Whisker
Trembling Fin Rare
EXP 5,362

Narmer is the boss of the First Stratum, located on the fourth basement floor. During the first encounter, the boss will flee when its HP drops below half, interrupting the battle. After the interruption, you can recover at the tent. However, if you leave the fourth basement floor, Narmer’s HP will be restored, and you will have to start the battle from the beginning. Note that some F.O.Es named 'Bog Lurker' appear around the area when Narmer escapes.

The 'Mud Throw’ skill can cause blindness, so it’s recommended to have a Monk with the Refresh ability and bring Teriaka B for recovery. Additionally, applying the Sovereign’s Prevent order in advance might be a good strategy. The 'Whip Ripper’ skill can target other party members even if the enemy is provoked by your Hoplite. It’s important to keep everyone’s HP high throughout the battle. 

The boss occasionally dives and hides in a hole, during which Narmer’s status abnormalities and all bindings are restored. While in hiding, the boss utilizes the 'Earthquake’ skill, a powerful attack dealing approximately 100 damage to all party members. Therefore, it is important to lure the boss out of the hole whenever possible. When you manage to strike the boss while it’s hiding, your attacks will deal zero damage, but it will emerge from the hole. While the boss is hiding, it will only perform two actions: move to an other hole or use the 'Earthquake’ skill. After executing the skill, the boss will always emerge from the hole. The skills of the Buccaneer or Ninja may prove useful in hitting a boss concealed in a hole.

The boss has 3281 HP, which is quite high at this point. Therefore, it is recommended to attack it with lightning attribute to deal damage efficiently. Use weapons with lightning attribute or Zodiac’s lightning magic for effective attacks.

Trembling Fin is a material for a club. This club is a powerful weapon that remains effective until the end of the story, so if you have a Gladiator equipped with a club, it’s recommended to acquire it. It can be obtained by defeating the boss solo. It may be challenging to defeat him solo at the point of arrival. However, the boss will eventually revive after being defeated. If your vanguard is around level 30, you may have a chance to defeat it solo.