Hoplite – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Hoplite - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Hoplite among these classes.


Hoplite is a defensive class with high HP and defensive skills, known for their overwhelming defensive capabilities. They are also proficient in spear assaults. Due to their high HP and defense, enemies tend to target them, even if they are simply present on the battlefield. However, their offensive abilities become less impressive as their level increases. The slow order of action is due to the heavy equipment they carry, including shields, armor, and spears, which lowers their AGI.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Guardian Class It reduces physical damage taken.
Provoke Support Try to draw all enemy attacks to you for 3 turns.
Provoke Lv5
It nullifies physical damage received.
Magic Parry It nullifies damage of an elemental affinity.
Selflessness Support Sacrifice HP to lower physical damage received for three turns.
Shrug Off Support Cure status effects and binds from yourself.
Recuperate Passive Shrug Off Lv3 Recover HP while defending.
Vigilance Search Heightened caution will lower the encounter rate for a short period.
Shield Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for shield skills that raises defense when equipped.
Line Guard Shield Shield Mastery Lv1 Lower damage for one row, especially if you are in that row.
Bodyguard Shield Shield Mastery Lv3 Take damage in one ally’s place for one turn.
Shield Mastery Lv5
Reduces fire damage sustained by all allies.
Anticold Reduces ice damage sustained by all allies.
Antivolt Reduces volt damage sustained by all allies.
Overwatch Shield Shield Mastery Lv8
Selflessness Lv3
Attacks on an ally that exceed your HP are void for 1 turn.
Spear Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for spear skills that raises spear damage dealt.
Switch Stab Spear Spear Mastery Lv1 Change rows to do a piercing attack on one enemy.
Blitzritter Spear Spear Mastery Lv4 A quick, volt-based pierce attack on one enemy.
Long Stride Spear Spear Mastery Lv7
Switch Stab Lv3
A trust attack that pierces enemies. Best used from the back.