Castle Fynn (Map) – Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster


Castle Fynn

A 1000 gil
B 2000 gil
C 1000 gil
D Golden Armor
E Golden Shield
F Silver Cuirass
G Werebuster
H Aura Tome (Monster!)
I Potion (Monster!)
J Giant’s Gloves
K Break Tome
L Death Tome
M Toad Tome
RouteExit > 2 > 8 > 12

I recommend that you will take items after defeating the boss.


[Dungeon Map]

Semitt Falls Bafsk Cave
Snow Cavern Kashuan Keep
Dreadnought Castle Deist
Deist Cavern Coliseum
Castle Fynn Castle Fynn (Basement)
Tropical Island Cave of Mysidia
Leviathan Mysidian Tower
Cyclone Castle Palamecia
Jade Passage Pandaemonium