Etrian Odyssey III HD: List of Quests & Guides


Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


We will tell you about the quest for each stratum.

  • First stratum
  • Second stratum
  • Third stratum
  • Forth stratum
  • Fifth stratum
  • Six stratum


First Stratum

Floor Quest Guides
B1 Butterfly Bistro’s new menu Obtain one Frog Cheek and three Slimy Legs from a Forest Frog. And then, report it at the bar.
B1 The fisherman’s rest Go to the dead end at A-2 at the first basement and examine the wall. After that, return to the Bar and report back to finish the quest.
Ocean Tanniyn hunting Inspect the big fish icon on the ocean when sailing the sea.
B2 Ho! The gigapede! Decend the second basement level during the night. Obtain one Gigapede Leg from the Gigapede. Bring it to the bar.
B2 Request from the Firm Decend the second basement level and take the flower at the gathering point. After obtaining the flower, return to the town and sell the flower at the shop.
B3 The bond between guildmates 1. Speak with the guard at D-4 on the second basement level.
2. Inquire with the man that belongs to the Bartrum guild at the bar.
3. Have a conversation with the girl at D-5 on the second basement level.
4. Descend to the third basement level.
5. Defeat the enemies while heading towards the location at F-4 on the current floor.
6. Return to the bar once you have reached F-4 on the current floor.
B3 Man versus nature  Bring a Farmer at level 2 or above to the bar. Bringing in a higher-level farmer will result in slightly better rewards.
B4 The fish festival 1. Decend the fourth basement level.
2. Talk with the guard near the upstair.
3. Participate in Fish Extermination Day.
4. Eliminate as many Fanged Fish and Devilfish as possible. These fishes appear near the stream at D-4. If you kill them more than 50, you will win the competition.
B4 Letter in a bottle I 1. Talk with the boy at the inn.
2. After that, consult with people in town.
3. alk with the boy again. Then, choose the people’s opinion.
B4 Amber delight 1. Head to the point at A-4 on the fourth basement level.
2. Inspect the point towards the dead end.
2. Smoke the nest.
3. Climb the tree.
4. Cut the nest off the branch
5. Take it back to the bar to fulfill the quest.



Second Stratum

Floor Quest Guides
B5 Too close to home Three greedy lizards appear suddenly on the first basement level. Defeat them all.
B5 Messages from aeons past I Desend the fifth basement level. Go to the hidden room at C-2 on the floor and inspect the wall near two treasure chests.
B6 Clicic’s request Obtain a Thick Throat by defeating a Koolasuchus and bring it to the bar. This enemy can be found on the sixth, seventh, and eighth basement floors. You can acquire the material by using thunder-elemental attacks or magic to defeat it.
B6 Statue of salvation Inspect the stutue at the dead of the C-3. Recover HP and TP after checking. Then, report it at the bar.
B7 Deep blue Go to the chopping point at B-4 on the seventh basement floor or D-4 on the eighth basement floor to obtain an Indigo Pith. Once you have it, bring it to the bar.
B7 Professor Scott’s all-nighter Inspect the point at D-5 on the seventh basement floor during nighttime and continue investigating the swarm of starfish. Then, engage in three consecutive battles against enemies. Afterward, report your findings to the bar.
B8 Unknown mutation Inspect the point at B-2 on the eighth basement floor. And then, defeat the enemy. After that, report it to the bar.
B8 Lost treasure Talk to the guard at D-3 on the first basement floor. And then, talk to the boy at inn. Head to the bar and talk with the blonde hair guy. Talk back to the boy and choose the blonde hair guy. After that, talk back to the blonde hair guy at the bar.



Third Stratum

Floor Quest Guides
B9 Wishing on a branch Inspect the point at E-4 on the nineth basement floor. And then, report it to the bar.
B9 The gourmand’s demands An event occurs at B-2 on the nineth basement floor. Follow the F.O.E icon to the D-3. Fight against an ant there. After that, obtain a Pamona Fruit. Then, there are three ants in the deepest. If you defeat them all, you can obtain the reward more.
B9 Letter in a bottle II Talk to the boy at the inn and then speak with the lady at the Twinkling Tavern in the deep city. After that, take a Scarlet Sage at the taking point on the nineth basement floor. Bring it back to the lady.
B10 Searching for springs Inspect these points at A-7, A-1, and D-1. Report it to the bar.
B10 Messages from aeons past II