Tactics Ogre Reborn – Chapter 3 (Law Path) Walkthrough

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Chapter 3 (Law Path)

This is an article about the Law Path in Chapter 3.


Madula Drift

Hektor is positioned on the front lines and is relatively easy to defeat. However, be aware that he will retreat once his HP drops below 20%, so it may be wise to prioritize attacking other enemies before focusing on him.



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Brigantys.


West Cartain Wall

The enemy leader is in a high place. Therefore, you should let Canopus or other Hawkman move forward to defeat him.


South Cartain Wall

The enemy attacks are more intense on the south side, so be prepared for a tough battle. Although the leader is a wizard, he is not very durable, so focus your attacks on him to take him down quickly.


Great Hall

Hektor is strong. If you get hit by his finishing move, you have a high chance of being knocked out in one blow. Let’s have a Knight or a Dragon face him so that the other teammates are not attacked. It is recommended to first defeat the surrounding enemies one by one. Hektor starts the battle with four buff cards. If you could let him step on the reset card, he will become considerably weaker. To let him step on the reset card, guide him to the next to the reset card and use Mighty Impact or Tremendous Shot. Also, it is effective to weaken him by using items that lower his physical defense and physical attack. Once there are no enemies supporting Hektor, attack him all at once.

After the battle, Jeunan will join your unit if you answer “How could they be?” It is then recommended that you read the report “Lord of Coritanae Missing” to recruit Ravness.


Bahanna Highland

The stage is not difficult. Please note that the video above shows a normal clear of the stage, and the method to recruit Ravness is different from the one shown in the video.


Reisan Way

The Hydra and Earth Dragon comprise the third force, and they will not harm us unless we attack. The zombies of the third force are in a state of suspended animation from the beginning of the battle. Earth dragons could drop valuable items, so it is a good idea to defeat them with Exocism to obtain the items. As for the enemy forces, Ninja’s ninjutsu can be troublesome, and it should be given the highest priority in defeating them.



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Coritanae.


The Gates Of Coritanae

Male knight will randomly drop wing boots. Wing boots are very useful foot equipment. You should get them if you can.


Coritanae Ward

While your knights and dragons hold the central aisle, the others should take out the rear guard and ninjas. If Jeunan is in your party and the enemy leader is Apollinaire, a conversation event will occur.


Lake Bordu or The Psonji Weald

You can choose which way to go to Lake Bordu and The Psonji Weald. I would recommend choosing the path that leads to The Psonji Weald, as you have a chance to obtain the ‘Book of Human Anatomy’ drop item there.

Before that, you might want to recruit Ravness if you want.


Lake Bordu

If you want Meteor Impact II, you should defeat valkyries. The enemy leader, Muntzer, will summon undead monsters when the number of his enemies is reduced.


The Psonji Weald

Since the enemy has dragons and hydras, send out dragoons and Jeunan. It is recommended to attack the enemy at the initial position. The enemy warlock drops the ‘Book of Human Anatomy’, so make sure to defeat them.


Tynemouth Hill

This is a strange area where defeating the monsters has a disadvantageous effect on the player. The stage is cleared when Ganpp’s HP is reduced below a certain level, so concentrate your attacks on Ganpp!



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Almorica. After the battle in Almorica, Vyce, Gildas, and Mirdyn will join your unit. Additionally, if Arycelle is still alive at that point, she will also join your unit.


The Gates Of Almorica

Golems and dragons will lead the attack, so use petrification, sleep, and dragoon units to deal with them. The initial position is relatively safe, but it’s better to quickly defeat the enemy leader Gildora.


Almorica Passageway

First, take out the enemy cleric and warlock in the rear guard; watch out for the Terror Knight. The Necromancer can be recruited.

The enemy boss Xaebos is strong. When Xaebos comes forward, place a Knight with Rampart Aura in front of him to deal with him. In the meantime, you can attack Xaebos with magic or a bow.

When Xaebos ’ HP drops below 90% and it’s Ravness’ turn, a conversation with Junoun will occur. When Xaebos ’ HP drops below 50% and it’s Ravness’ turn, a conversation with Denam will occur. It’s not necessary to trigger these conversation events.


Mount Weobry

You do not need to defeat the dragons. Just defeat the other enemies and the stage will be cleared. You may recruit Arc Dragons if possible.


The Arkhaiopolis Of Rhime

Rescue swordmaster Hobyrim. It’s recommended that Mirdyn and Gildas head to him to save him. Ozma’s “Demon Rose” finishing move is powerful and can charm your units. To break the charm, hit them with a stone. Habyrim will join your unit if you keep him alive in this battle. 



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Phidoch.


South Curtain Wall

To end this stage quickly, take Canopus and Hawkman with you to defeat the enemy leader Vestiarri. Although there are many healers, Vestiarri herself is weak. You may also recruit dragons that are higher than your unit’s level.


West Curtain Wall

The enemy leader, Mercure, will come down, and you will most likely have to fight around the front of the gate. You may want to attack the leader after defeating the healers.


Great Hall

There are two enemy bosses, Balxephon and Oz. We should concentrate on defeating Oz before Balxephon comes down the stairs. Denam will initially be near Oz, so be careful to avoid his powerful attacks. Start by blocking the stairs with dragons and knights. Next, prioritize taking out the Temple Knights and healers with bows or magic. Then, focus on defeating Oz with Denam, vanguards, and other members of the unit. Finally, deal with Balxephon after defeating Oz.