Tactics Ogre Reborn – Chapter 2 (Law Path) Walkthrough

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Chapter 2 (Law Path)

This is an article about the Law Path in Chapter 2.



After choosing the Law Path, you will have to fight against Balmamusa’s soldiers in a row.


First battle

Ravness becomes your enemy in this battle. If you want her to join your party, you have to keep her alive. The enemy has the advantage due to their higher position.


Second battle

Be cautious of archers in elevated positions, and prioritize taking them out quickly.


Xeod Moors

No problem. Garba has low HP, so you can defeat him quickly.


Rhea Boum Aqueduct

It could be somewhat tricky to fall into the canal, but it shouldn’t be a problem.


The Reisan Way (Optional Battle)

This is an optional battle that becomes available after reading the report titled “Ravness Loxaerion Captured.” To recruit Ravness, choose the option “I cannot leave you here” and keep her alive. You can continue to heal her with your units to achieve this goal.


Port Asyton

You have to fight against enemies in a row in Port Asyton. Before that, be sure to get ready.


First battle

A golem will get in your way, but the boss Nadia has low HP, so let’s take her down quickly.


Last battle

Arycelle will join your party even if you defeat her, so don’t hesitate to engage in battle. Watch out for her bow attacks as they can deal damage.


Qadriga Fortress

Xapan will be attacked by enemies. If you spare his life, he will join your unit. He tends to attack enemies in this battle instead of running away, so it can be a little challenging to keep him alive. Make sure to continue healing him while defeating the boss Darza quickly.


Tynemouth Hill

Although the enemy has many healers, it shouldn’t be a major issue. It is not always necessary to defeat Gatialo. Letting him go is not a problem.

After this battle, you can go to the Phorampa Wildwood. It is a good place to make money and recruit new members, such as hawkman and dragons.


The Golborza Plain

Be cautious of enemy ninjas who can use 1-3 attack ninjutsu. It’s advisable for members with low HP to stay away from them to avoid getting knocked out easily.


The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

The choice doesn’t matter; both options lead to the same outcome. If you want Arycelle to join your unit later, you must not defeat her here. It’s okay to defeat Vyce, but be careful as he is strong.


Almorica Castle

From here, it will be three battles in a row. I highly recommend that you create a separate save data before entering.


The Gates of Almorica

It’s not difficult to defeat the enemy. If you can afford it, try to recruit Arc and Dark Dragons.


Almorica Passageway (First battle)

Use dragons, knights, etc. to stall the enemy and defeat the boss in the meantime. After this battle, you can save the data.


Almorica Passageway (Last battle)

Leonar is a formidable boss in this battle. He has four buff cards and his attacks are powerful. Before this battle, switch to a knight and equip hammers. Don’t forget to set Rampart Aura and Phalanx skills. It is a good idea to prevent Leonar from attacking Catiua. She can heal Denam while he is attacking the boss. Alternatively, you can have Ninja Denam keep moving and casting attacking Ninjutsu on Leonar.