Tactics Ogre Reborn – Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Chapter 4

This article describes Chapter 4 up to The Royal City of Heim. Enemy leaders and bosses in Chapter 4 start the battle with four buff cards.


Bahanna Highlands

It is easier to deal with enemies approaching from the river by attacking them with bows and magic. Enemy leader Uram’s magical attacks are strong, but should not be a struggle.



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Brigantys. After this Brigantys battle, Olivya joins your party.


First Round

After removing all of Denam’s equipment, you can enter the battle south of Brigantes Castle alone without initiating a fight. If you enter with equipment, a battle will occur.


South Curtain Wall

Fighting up the stairs from the front might be tough, so it is better to go around from the back with everyone. You need to defeat them all to clear the South Curtain Wall.


West Curtain Wall

It is a good idea to defeat the oncoming enemy one bye one and take out the enemy healer. You need to defeat them all to clear the West Curtain Wall.


Mount Hedon

The enemy leader LeRozza’s magic attack is strong, but his HP is low. It is better to defeat him with magic or bow. There are dragons in the enemy camp, so send out your dragoons.


Hagia Banhamuba

Falling into a hole will result in the loss of your character, so try to stay as far away from the hole as possible, except for flying units such as Canopus and Hawkman. It is best to stay in your initial position and fight back with magic or bows.

If you want to recruit the enemy leader Sherri, do not kill her, but reduce her HP to 1/10. Her magic attacks are strong, so you may want to inflict silence on her.


The Vanessan Way

The leader Alessandro moves forward quickly. So, it is good to stay in the initial position. There are dragons in the enemy camp, so send out your dragoons.


Lambiss Hill

The enemy leader Pajeot is a dragoon, so do not send out any dragons. Pajeot also uses range-three finishing moves. Be careful.


Tzorious Field

Note that the black terrain areas will be difficult to advance on. The griffon’s attribute is darkness, which makes it a valuable unit. If you have an advantage in this battle, you might be able to tame it.

The enemy leader, Andoras, has high attack power, and his magic is also strong. In the middle of the battle, he will come to the front line. It is good to have killed the gryphon and the rear guard by then. The enemy leader will retreat when his HP falls below 20%.



It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering Barnicia. You have to fight against the enemies three times in a row.


The Gates of Barnicia

All enemies need to be taken down. As the theory goes, take out the healers first. Hawkmen on top of the ramparts should wait for them to come down.



Defeat the healer and the wizard before the enemy leader Barbas comes toward your unit. The temple knight who receives a gun from Barbas will drop it.


Grand Staircase

The enemy Temple Knights will come down the stairs all at once, and you will be fighting in a crowded area. Use ranged magic to attack them.

If Catiua is among the enemies, clear the area without defeating him. You will have a chance to make Catiua your ally.

Lanselot, the enemy leader, is a formidable opponent. Canopus or Hawkman can climb up the wall and act as a decoy to keep him occupied on the top step. The decoy should be able to attack with a bow.


Boulder Sands

This stage is a little easier than Iorumza Canyon. You can attack the enemy leader, Mimose, from high up with a bow or magic.


Iorumza Canyon

This stage is a bit more difficult than Boulder Sands. However, you may get RES charms in the bonus task.



The initial position is in a low spot, but the fight is not too difficult. Take out the enemy Hawkman flying towards you, and then eliminate the healers and the rear guard.


The Royal City of Heim

It’s recommended that you save the data to another slot before entering the Royal City of Heim. You have to fight against the enemies three times in a row.


First Round

You can choose one of the gates in this battle as only one gate needs to be cleared to complete the first round.


The Gate Of Heim

The archer’s bow on the left will reach your members in the initial position, so move a little to the right. It is better to wait for the enemy Hawkman to come down from the ramparts.


South Curtain Wall

This stage is the most challenging among the three. The enemy leader, Vermado, is a knight with high defense, making the battle last longer. To defeat him, it’s recommended to take out the enemy healers one by one. This will weaken the enemy’s support and make the battle more manageable.


Postern Gate

Hawkmen will be on the ramparts, so do not advance immediately. Wait for them to come down, and then attack.



First, defeat the archers on the castle walls. Then, take out the healers and wizards. The ninjas can also be troublesome, so eliminate them as much as possible. Once the enemy leader comes forward, try to stop their movement in the passage to gain an advantage.


Great Hall

There are six Terror knights. When you are in a state of fear, your attack and defense power will decrease. Try to avoid being frightened if possible.

The boss Brantyn’s summoning magic is a threat, so if it is difficult to kill the Terror knights, you can concentrate your attack only on the boss.