[Tactics Ogre Reborn] Unknown in the Palace of the Dead



Tactics Ogre Reborn

In the Palace of the Dead, there are two powerful enemies named Aym and Allocer labeled as “Unknown”. Let me introduce you to them both.


Name Class Floor Items
Allocer Archer Level 33
Level 53
Level 72
Level 83
Daedalus Rack x2
Daedalus Pinion x2
Orichalcum x4

Aym Swordmaster Level 39
Level 45
Level 81
Level 89

“Unknown” enemies can be encountered randomly on certain floors in the Palace of the Dead. Among the “Unknown” enemies, Allocer and Aym are particularly strong and formidable. Tactics Ogre Reborn version of the game features this enemy. Defeating them on your first encounter can be challenging. They are tough opponents to beat on your first try. If you come across them, I’d advise retreating from the battle immediately. If you want to encounter them, you can try entering and exiting that floor repeatedly until they appear. Note that level-sync item adjustments are not applicable in this battle.



Allocer Status - Tactics Ogre Reborn

[Tactics Ogre Reborn] About Aym in the Palace of the Dead

Allocer is an archer who can attack from anywhere with his bow and arrow, while Aym is a skilled two-handed samurai. Both are at level 60 with high attack power. For a detailed report on these two formidable enemies, please click on the link below.