Pamela – Mercenaries Blaze


Pamela - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.



Pamela’s class is as below.

  • Archer
  • Bowman
  • Ranger
  • Bow Master
  • Apprentice
  • Sniper
  • Manaslinger


Blaze Exceed

Cool Decadance 100% HIT long range attack. Dispel + DMG BP3, Range 3-6, Scope 2




Charge Arrow Strong bow attack Lv1: MP6
Lv8: MP13
Poison Shot Poison arrow attack. DMG+PSN Lv1: MP4
Lv8: MP11
Aim Steady aim. HIT+ Lv1: HIT+15
Lv8: HIT+75
Evade Arrow AVD+ against bows and guns Lv1: AVD+50
Lv8: AVD+120
Adjacent Evade [Psv] When close RNG attacked AVD+ Lv1: AVD+15
Lv8: AVD+50




Flame Arrow Attacks with flaming ammunition Lv1: MP9
Lv8: MP21
Aim Foot Leg attack. DMG+slow Lv1: MP9
Lv8: MP17
Body Blow Body blow. DMG+Knockback Lv1: MP5
Lv8: MP14
Abandon Prepare for next attack. AVD+ Lv1: AVD+15
Lv8: AVD+50
DEX Increase [Passive] DEX+ Lv1: DEX+5
Lv8: DEX+30




Armor Pierce Pierce gaps in armor. DMG&DEF- Lv1: DEF-10%
Lv8: DEF-25%
Paint Shot Covers enemy in pain. AVD- Lv1: AVD-30, Scope 1
Lv4: AVD-45, Scope 1
Lv5: AVD-30, Scope 2

Lv8: AVD-45, Scope 2
Hide Unable to be targeted for 1 turn Lv1: MP19
Lv8: MP12
Herbalism HP + and heals abnormal status  Lv1: HP+20 and heals poison
Lv8: HP+100 and heals PSN/SLW/BLI/SIL
AGI Increase [Passive] AGI+ Lv1: AGI+5
Lv8: AGI+30



Bow Master

Shadow Weaving Leg attack. Damage+slow Lv1: MP24
Lv8: MP41
Ultra Draw +ATK & +CRT Lv1: +20% ATK & +5% CRT
Lv8: +35% ATK & +15% CRT
Arrow Rain Make arrows rain from the sky Lv1: MP21, Range 3-5, Scope 2
Lv4: MP27, Range 3-5, Scope 2
Lv5: MP29, Range 3-5, Scope 3
Lv8: MP39, Range 3-5, Scope 3
Follow Me A cry to raise morale. HIT+ AGI+ Lv1: HIT+20 AVD+25
Lv8: HIT+40 AVD+45
Concentrate [Passive] HIT+ Lv1: HIT+5
Lv8: HIT+30




Holy Arrow Attacks with holy ammunition Lv1: MP13
Lv8: MP26
Cross Quarter Close-range attack Lv1: MP16, Range 1-1, Scope 1
Lv8: MP29, Range 1-1, Scope 1
Descent Causes silence, but STS+ Lv1: STS+20%
Lv8: STS+35%
HP Increase [Passive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100
Magic Res. [Passive] ALL-RES+ Lv1: ALL-RES+10
Lv8: ALL-RES+25




Head Shot Low chance of instant death Lv1: MP29
Lv8: MP39
Snipe Attack with 100% accuracy Lv1: MP14
Lv8: MP29
Long Shot DMG increases when farther away Lv1: MP8
Lv8: MP29
Cool Eyes [Passive] Deals critical attacks per turns Lv1: per 5 turns
Lv2: per 4 turns
Lv3: per 3 turns
Long Range [Passive] Gun/bow range+1




Quick Shoot 1 extra “Move” and “Action” if enemy is defeated Lv1: MP17
Lv8: MP31
Repair Shot Healing arrow. Recovers HP Lv1: Recovers 50% HP
Lv8: Recovers 100% HP
Solidifier Shield arrow. DEF/MDF+ Lv1: DEF/MDF+20%
Lv8: DEF/MDF+30%
Booster Agility arrow. DEF/AGI+ Lv1: DEF/AGI+10%
Lv8: DEF/AGI+25%
MP Increase [Passive] Max MP+ Lv1: MP+10
Lv8: MP+75