Jake – Mercenaries Blaze


Jake - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.



Jake’s class is as below.

  • Fighter
  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • War Lord
  • Brave Knight
  • Paladin
  • Cataphract


Blaze Exceed

Battle Cry Surprises enemies with a cry. -MOV4 -JMP3 BP3, Range 0-0, Scope ∞




Rapid Attack Consecutively slash at target Lv1: MP8
Lv8: MP16
Feint Higher HIT than normal ATK Lv1: MP4
Lv8: MP11
Provoke Draws enemy attention. Aggro+ Lv1: Aggro+100
Lv8: Aggro+500
STR Increase [Passive] STR+ Lv1: STR+3
Lv8: STR+25
Counterattack [Passive] Inc. CTR-ATK damage




Power Swing Heavy attack with low accuracy Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP19
Sweep Swings weapon in a large arc Lv1: MP14, Range 1-1, Scope 3
Lv8: MP28, Range 1-1, Scope 3
Mana Break Reduces target’s MP Lv1: MP7
Lv8: MP14
Store ATK+ & CRT+ Lv1: ATK+20% & CRT+5%
Lv8: ATK+35% & CRT+15%
DEX Increase [Passive] DEX+ Lv1: DEX+5
Lv8: DEX+30




First Aid Recovers HP Lv1: MP3, Recovers 20HP
Lv8: MP10, Recovers 100HP
Shield Bash Shield attack. Damage+knockback Lv1: MP6
Lv8: MP14
Iron Wall Increases defense. DEF+ Lv1: DEF+20%
Lv8: DEF+50%
Iron Heart ABN-STS RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS RES+50
VIT Increase [Passive] VIT+ Lv1: VIT+3
Lv8: VIT+25



War Lord

Full Strike Gather strength and unleash it Lv1: MP16
Lv8: MP30
Merciless Blow Higher HIT the lower the enemy HP Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP19
Coerce Repress the enemy. Causes confuse Lv1: MP13
Lv8: MP20
Display Faith Show your faith. Avoid K.O.+ Lv1: Avoid K.O.+10%
Lv8: Avoid K.O.+25%
HP Increase [Passive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100



Brave Knight

Sasara Strike Does more damage the higher aggro lvs are Lv1: MP5
Lv8: MP12
Rampage Violent area attack Lv1: MP15, Range 0-0, Scope 2
Lv8: MP32, Range 0-0, Scope 2
Fighting Spirit Creates a ZOC block in front of unit Lv1: MP24
Lv8: MP16
Swagger Cause aggro to rise every turn that passes Lv1: MP2
Lv8: MP20
Lone Struggle [Passive] ATK&DEF+when surrounded




Judgement Attack in the name of god + Confuse Lv1: MP18, Range 1-1, Scope 1, Type: Holy
Lv8: MP28, Range 1-1, Scope 1, Type: Holy
Descent Causes silence, but STS+ Lv1: MP38, STS+20%
Lv8: MP52, STS+35%
Substitute Cover an adjacent character until the next turn Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP5
WargroundHeal Heal HP + abnormal status Lv1: MP12, Heal 60HP + PSN, Range 0-1, Scope 1
Lv8: MP22, Heal 180HP + PSN/SLW/BLI/SIL, Range 0-1, Scope 1
AbsSts Res. [Passive] ABN-STS-RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS-RES+10




Pommel Hit Body bash DMG+Knockback Lv1: MP16
Lv8: MP30
Absolute DEF Invalidate attacks next turn Lv1: MP15, Invalidate 1 attack next turn
Lv8: MP21, Invalidate 4 attacks next turn
Helping Hand Absorb % of surrounding allies’ aggro Lv1: MP15, Absorb 25% of surrounding allies’ aggro, Scope 3
Lv8: MP50, Absorb 65% of surrounding allies’ aggro, Scope 3
Defense Orders Increase shield defense rate GRD+ Lv1: MP20, GRD+10
Lv8: MP35, GRD+25
Vigilance [Passive] Lowers back and side damage