Etrian Odyssey III HD: Furyhorn (F.O.E) B4

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


Floor B4
Name Furyhorn
HP 784
Weaknesses Thunder (x 1.5)
Skill Normal Attack (Crushing)
Muddle Roar (Inflict confusion on the entire front row)
Item Deer Skin
EXP 2,364

Furyhorn is a F.O.E. that comes up on the 4th basement level. This F.O.E. is a familiar name in the Etrian Odyssey series. It often uses Muddle Roar when none of the party members are confused. On the contrary, if someone is confused, it will not use Muddle Roar. Confusion can be prevented by applying the Sovereign’s Prevent Order before the party members become confused. If the party member get confused, use the Theriaca B to recover or Monk’s Refresh. As long as you can deal with the confusion, you will be able to defeat it.