Etrian Odyssey III HD: Ghost Ship (F.O.E) Oceanic Quest 04

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Ghost Ship

Oceanic Quest Tortuga Island
Name Ghost Ship
HP 3,888
Weaknesses Ice (x 2.0)
Resistance Fire (x 0.5)
Lightning (x 0.5)
Skill  Arrest Mine Legs For a duration of 4 turns, including the turn it is used, this skill reduces the evasion rate of all party members and has a chance to bind their legs.
Barracuda Legs Low-accuracy crushing attack that targets the enemy as well as party members on the left and right.
Heated Shot Head Low-accuracy fire attack that targets all party members.
Dazzling Aurora Head Increases own evasion rate for 4 turns, including the turn it is used.
Oil Cannon Head Inflicts a small amount of damage to all party members and has a chance to lower fire resistance. When the fire resistance is lowered, the damage received from fire attacks is increased by 150%.
Thunder Cannon Head Low-accuracy, high-power lightning attack that targets a single enemy.
Item Ghost Kneel
Naval Ram Rare
EXP 11,961

If a party member’s legs are bound by the boss’s Arrest Mine, it’s important to be able to remove the leg bind. This is because the boss’s low hit rate skills like Thunder Cannon, Barracuda, and Heated Shot will always hit the party members when their legs are bound. To recover from the leg bind, you can use the tool “Theriaca A" or the Monk’s skill “Unbind."

During the first half of the boss battle, the boss primarily uses Oil Cannon and Heated Shot. Once its HP drops below half, it will start using other skills. Additionally, the boss will use “Dazzling Aurora" at regular intervals of 5 turns. If you have the Sovereign’s “Ad Nihilo" skill, you can remove the increased evasion rate caused by this skill.

This boss has a vulnerability to the ice attribute, so using ice-based attacks or skills will deal effective damage. Additionally, binding the boss’s head can give you an advantage in the battle. You can utilize Wilding’s “Bird" or Buccaneer’s “Hanging" skill to attempt to bind the boss’s head. By successfully binding the head, you can restrict the boss’s actions and potentially gain an upper hand in the fight.

Ghost Kneel is a Crossbow material that can be used to bind the boss’s legs. When the legs are bound, attacks will always hit. This can greatly improve the hit rate of attacks from your party members. Naval Ram is a rare material that has a very low drop rate. If you obtain Naval Ram, you can purchase the Jolly Roger, a Rapier with 136 attack power.