Etrian Odyssey III HD: List of Missions & Guides

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


Stratum Mission Guide
1st Prelude to the forest Fill in the specified area of B1F on your map.

After you have drawn some maps, talk to the guard, and when the guard gives you a pass, report it to Senate. If you use the auto-mapping function, it is easy to fill in the map just by walking around.

1st Proof of will Defeat Narmer on B4F.

After defeating the boss, report it to Senate.

2nd Danger in the Undersea Grotto Talk to Olympia at A-4 on the 6th basement floor. After that, an event will occur in a small room in A-5 on the floor. After that, talk to Olympia in A-4 and you will receive a mission in the Senate.

After accepting the mission, inspect the west wall where Olympia was on the 6th basement floor to proceed. After continuing on, you will find a staircase to the 7th basement floor. Descend the stairs to the 7th basement floor. On the floor, go down the stairs located at A-4 to the 8th basement floor.
Enter a small room through a hidden passageway in A-2 on the 8th basement to find Olympia, and after talking with her, you have to fight F.O.E Abyssal Death. Defeat it and you will get a Sea Bead. After that, talk to the man in room B-1 on the 7th basement floor and report to the Senate to complete the mission.

2nd Door to the Deep City Find the legendary Deep City at the bottom of the sea!

After accepting the mission, descend the 6th basement floor and enter the small room at B-3. Then, stop the sea current on the whole 2nd stratum.Descend from D-1 on the 7th basement floor to reach the 8th basement floor and defeat the boss Ketos located at the back. After defeating Ketos, proceed to Deep City by taking the stairs at the back. This will automatically transport you to Armoroad where you should report to the Senate to complete the mission. The outcome of the mission will remain the same regardless of whether you choose to tell the truth or not.

3rd Otherworldly visitors You can accept the misson from the sovereign of the Deep City.