DQ10 Offline Paladin Unlock Quest – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.

Paladin Unlock Quest

Place Gartland
Condition Warrior: Over Level 30
Priest: Over Level 30
Reward Unlock Paladin
Skill up panel: Bronze

Level up warrior and priest up to over level 30. And then, go to Gartland.



  1. Enter the room on the ground floor H-4 in the Gartland castle.
  2. Talk to the head of the holy knight.
  3. Change your job “warrior.”
  4. Fight against enemies in the Gartland region. Then, defeat them after using the skill “cover” the damage for an ally.
  5. Go to the stone monument at Zama Pass B-8.
  6. Do the gesture “Pray” in front of the monument.
  7. Talk to the head of the holy knight again.