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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.


A Paladin has high HP and defense. A paladin can bear enemies’ attacks when you make him the very front of the party.


List of spell

Level Spell MP Description
1 Reheal 2 It restores a small HP to a party member for each turn.
4 Heal 2 It restores a small HP to a party member.
22 Buff 2 It increases the defense to a party member.
25 Remidheal 4 It restores medium HP to a party member for each turn.
28 Midheal 4 It restores medium HP to a party member.
64 Remoreheal 10 It restores heavy HP to a party member for each turn.



List of skills

Lv Exclusiveness Skill Type MP cost Description
2 All Vocations Pincushion Skill 3 It decreases by 25% damage yourself and reflects 25% of melee damage taken.
5 All Vocations Defense +10 Passive
10 All Vocations Giving HP Skill 0 It gives your 30% HP to the other party member.
15 All Vocations Magical Healing +10 Passive
21 Paladin Only
Forbearance Skill 0 It takes all damage in place of all party members and decreases by 25% damage.
24 All Vocations Defense +10 Passive
31 Paladin Only
Heavy Grip Skill 4 It decreases the chance of stun.
35 All Vocations Defense +20 Passive
37 All Vocations Max HP +30 Passive
50 Paladin Only
Defending Champion Skill 4 It cuts half of your damage.
55 Paladin Only
Knowledge of Forbearance Passive It reduces damages by 30 during the Forbearance.
60 Paladin Only
Max HP +60 Passive
65 Paladin Only
Solar Flair Skill 10 It deals light-elemental damages to one group.



Skill Panels



Special Skills

Tension (%) Special Skill Weapon Description
25 Paladin Guard It takes no damage for a while and inflicts rage to all enemies.
50 Lightning Storm Spear It deals lightning-elemental damages to a group, reducing their lightning resistance and a chance to paralyze them.
25 Cheer Leader Wand It raises an ally’s tension by 50%.
50 Plate Impact Hammer It deals earth-elemental damage to one group, reducing their attack, defense, agility, and magic defense by two levels.



Vocation Quests

10 パラディンのお仕事 Paladin’s Work
15 極秘の任務 Top Secret Mission
20 うららかな日 A bright day
25 ジェニャの秘密 Genya’s Secret
30 盾となる者 Shield

Gartland Castle H-4 on the ground floor.



Unlock Quest

パラディンの心得 Paladin Tips Warrior: Level 30
Priest: Level 30