Dragon Quest X Offline DLC Has Been Released.

DQ10 Offline Title - Dragon Quest X

SQUARE ENIX has released the Dragon Quest X Offline DLC. This downloadable content allows players to explore the continent of Rendasia, situated in the heart of Astoltia. Joining the group is a new heroic princess named Anrussia. The story revolves around unraveling the mystery of the world anomaly. To journey to the Lendersia continent, a magic compass is required, and materials can be obtained by defeating killer machines. Once the compass is completed, players can board a luxurious cruise ship bound for the Lendersia continent.

The following are the expected contents to be added:

  • New story
  • Voice acting for each character
  • End content “Battle Phantasm."
  • New special moves not included in the first version
  • Additional episodes that were not in the offline version
  • NPCs will join the player in battles at various locations
  • Anrussia, the Princess of Valor, as a new playable character
  • New weapons and armor that were not available in the first version

The Dragon Quest X Offline DLC is currently available on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, but it is currently only available in Japanese. Fans of Dragon Quest around the world are eagerly anticipating the release of English and other language versions.




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