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Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.


A Minstrel is good at attacking and healing.


List of spell

Level Spell MP Description
2 Heal 2 It create an exit that returns to the entrance of a dungeon
7 Evac 3 It create an exit that returns to the entrance of a dungeon.
8 Crack 3 It deals small ice damage to an enemy.
10 Sap 2 It decreases defense to an enemy by 2 level.
13 Zin 5 It occasionally revives a party member at 1 HP.
15 Oomph 2 It increases the attack to an ally by 1 level.
18 Woosh 4 It deals light wind damage to a group.
20 Kasap 4 It decreases the defense of a group by 1 level.
25 Crackle 8 It deals medium ice damage to a group.
30 Midheal 4 It restores HP to a party member.
36 Swoosh 5 It deals medium wind damage to a group.
43 Zing 8 It occasionally revives a party member at 25% HP.
51 Kaswoosh 12 It deals heavy wind damage to a group.
69 Moreheal 8 It restores at least 164 HP to an party member.



List of skills

Lv Exclusiveness Skill Type MP cost Description
2 All Vocations Pratfall Skill 2 It tries to make the enemy laugh to incapacitate it.
6 All Vocations Charm +20 Passive
11 All Vocations Sobering Slap Skill 4 It removes an ally’s paralysis, dazzled, sleep, and confusion.
17 All Vocations Agility +30 Passive
23 Minstel Only
Tap Dance Skill 3 It increases your evasion rate by one level.
27 All Vocations Magic Attack +10 Passive
34 Minstel Only
Have a ball Skill 8 It deals your half-attack damages at random by six times.
39 All Vocations Magic Healing +10 Passive
41 All Vocations Deftness +20 Passive
50 Minstel Only
Hustle Dance Skill 10 It recovers at least 80 HP to all party members.
55 Minstel Only
Deftness +30 Passive
60 Minstel Only
Skill Damage Up Passive It adds damage by 20 when using skills.
65 Minstel Only
God Juggling Skill 11 It deals your half-attack damages at random by eight times.



Skill Panels



Special Skills

Tension (%) Special Skill Weapon Description
25 Rough N’ Tumble It increases the evasion rate to all allies and your counterattack rate.
75 Pink Typhoon Fan It deals a wind-element attack to all enemies, with a chance to dazzle them.
25 Oneros Hunt Knife It deals damages to an enemy that deals 1.5 times damage. If the enemy is stunned, deals 6 times damage instead.
50 Shin Axes of Evil Staff It raises your attack power by 2 level, and then deals damage to an enemy.



Vocation Quests

10 旅芸人の弟子 Disciple of a Treaveling Entertainer
15 消えた旅芸人 The Disappearing Traveling Entertainer
20 修行の果てに At the End of Training
25 芸を忘れた男 A Man Who Forgot His Tricks
30 笑いの極み The Height of Laughter

West Orfair Region