DQ10 Offline Thief – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.


A Thief has high agility and also has some useful skill.


List of spell

Level Spell MP Description
2 Evac 3 It create an exit that returns to the entrance of a dungeon.
3 Decelerate 2 It decreases the agility of an enemy by two levels.
5 Spider Web 2 It inflicts stun after you are attacked.
6 Accelerate 2 It increases the agility of an ally by two levels.
8 Heal 2 It recovers small HP to an ally.
10 Squelch 2 It cures the poison status of an ally.
13 Deceleratle 4 It decreases agility in one group by one level.
15 Rubblerouser 4 It deals small earth elemental damages after you are attacked.
16 Acceleratle 4 It increases the agility of allies by one level.
30 Boulderbringer 8 It deals middle earth elemental damages after you are attacked.
40 Fuddle 3 It inflicts confusion on an enemy.



List of skills

Lv Exclusiveness Skill Type MP cost Description
4 Thief Only
Steal Skill 0 It tries to steal item from an enemy.
8 All Vocations Eye for Trouble Skill 0 It writes the detail of the enemy. You can know the detail of the enemy on the recode menu.
13 Thief Only
Nose For Treasure Skill 0 It displays the location of nearby treasure chests and sparkly spots on your map.
17 All Vocations Agility +30 Passive
23 All Vocations Deftness +30 Passive
27 Thief Only
Banana Trap Skill 1 It inflicts incapacitation on an enemy that tries to attack you.
30 Thief Only
Auto Steal Skill 0 It sometimes obtain an item after the battle.
34 All Vocations Agility +30 Passive
39 Thief Only
Mega Bomber Skill 6 It damages an enemy in the bomb’s explosion that tries to attack you.
41 All Vocations Agility +30 Passive
50 All Vocations Play Dead Skill 3 It makes you play dead and recovers your HP. The enemies don’t attack you while playing dead.
55 All Vocations Agility +30 Passive
60 All Vocations Dexterity +30 Passive
65 Thief Only
Giga Bomber Skill 12 It damages an enemy in the bomb’s explosion that tries to attack you.



Skill Panels



Special Skills

Tension (%) Special Skill Weapon Description
25 Treasure Hunter It deals damage to an enemy and inflicts stun. The enemy drops its item after the battle.
75 Wild Animaul Claw It deals damages five times to an enemy.
25 Oneros Hunt Knife It deals damages to an enemy that deals 1.5 times damage. If the enemy is stunned, deals 6 times damage instead.
50 Whipcrackle Whip It deals lightning-elemental damages to a group.



Vocation Quests

10 トレジャーハント! Treasure Hunt!
15 形見を取り返せ! Get Back Your Keepsake!
20 ブデチョの依頼 Request for Budecho
25 盗賊の心意気 The Spirit of Thieves
30 あこがれの盗賊王 The Longing Thief King

You can accept the quest to talk to the man wearing a purple turban In the pub in Gatara Town.