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Dragon Quest X Offline

Here’s an article for Dragon Quest X offline. I’ll explain about Tombolas. This is not English version.

About Tombola

Tombolas are like lotteries in the Dragon Quest X World. You can obtain materials, coins, and items through tombola games. Let’s go to the concierge if you get tombola tickets. (ふくびきけん) You can obtain it when you buy an item by price per 500 gold. For example, when you use 2200 gold all at once at any shop, you can get 4 tombola tickets.

  1. Get Tombola tickets
  2. Talk to the concierge in each inn.
  3. Draw a tombola.


Concierge Service

Dragon Quest X - Concierge Quest

You need to finish Concierge Quest before Tombolas.




DQ10 Offline About Tombolas - Dragon Quest X

Draw a Tombola ふくびきをする
Tell you what to do 案内を見る
Receive an item 報酬受け取り
Explanation 説明を聞く
Tombola Ticket ふくびきけん To draw a tombola.

Choose “ふくびきをする” if you want to draw a tombola. You need a tombola ticket. (ふくびきけん)




DQ10 Offline About Tombolas - Dragon Quest X

Place Color Prize Memo
Special Gold Five Fragments of Labyrinth Coin Material
1 Silver A Fagment of Labyrinth Coin Material
2 Copper Metal King Group Coin Labyrinth Coin
3  Orange Golden Slime Group Coin Labyrinth Coin
4  Pink Genkidama Obtains Two times EXP for thirty minutes.
5  Red Yggdrasil Leaf Revives a party member
6  Purple Metal Perfume Increases the chance of metal slime group appearance.
7  Blue Magic water Recover MP
8  Green Small Magic water Recover MP
Draw a Tombola ふくびきをする
Draw ten tombolas at once 10連ふくびきをする
Show Prizes 賞品をくわしくみる

Start the Tombola game automatically if you choose “ふくびきをする.” Before that, I highly recommend you save your data in the church.



DQ10 Offline About Tombolas - Dragon Quest X

DQ10 Offline About Tombolas - Dragon Quest X