DQ5 Marriage – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Marriage - Dragon Quest V Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.


Lodestar Harbour

  1. Get off the ship.
  2. Enter the bar.
  3. Save the man who’s attacked. Defeat four ruff ruffians.
  4. Talk to the man. Obtain 1500 gold.
  5. Go out of the town and head south to Hay.

Ruff ruffians are weak. No worries.



Village of Hay (Optional)

  1. Enter the house in the southeast house, and then an event happens.
  2. Talk to the head of the village.
  3. Go out and head to the west cave.



Scary Lair (Optional)

  1. Enter the west cave of the village of Hay.
  2. Move forward deeply.
  3. Talk to the Great sabrecub.
  4. Use Bianca’s Ribbon during the battle.
  5. Join the Great sabrecub.
  6. After that, go back to the village of Hay and talk to the head. Obtain 1500 gold.

You can flee the Great sabrecub battle. Runaway if you don’t have Bianca’s Ribbon.




  1. Go to Zoomingale town, which is located west of Lodestar Harbour.
  2. Enter the house where the smoke is billowing out of a chimney.
  3. Talk to the man. You are asked to gather Lunar Zoombloom.
  4. Go west of the town at night and collect the bloom.
  5. Go back and hand it to the man. After an event, The hero learns Zoom.
  6. Use Zoom to the Coburg and talk to Harry.
  7. Go south from the Zoomingale town and pass through the Tunnel south of Zoomingale.
  8. Enter Mostroferrato town.

You can only gather Lunar Zoombloom at night. Check the shinny ground along the sea during the night.

After learning Zoom, you need to talk to Harry. If not, you cannot progress.




  1. An event happens as soon as you enter Monstroferrato town.
  2. Enter the mansion in the northwest town.
  3. Talk to the maid and agree that you’re here to see Rodrigo Briscoletti about the marriage.
  4. Talk to two men in line and then an event happens.



Mt Magmageddon

  1. Go south and enter Mt Magmageddon.
  2. Go down to the fourth basement floor and touch a ring.
  3. Defeat three Magman.
  4. Obtain a Circle of Fire.
  5. Go back to Monstroferrato and talk to Rodrigo Briscoletti.
  6. Obtain his ship to search for Circle of Water.

Magman can exhale a fierce fire. So, I recommend that you fight against them with fire-resistance monsters. They are slime knight, Small fry, Magic marionette, and Flamethrower.



Cataract Caves

  1. Go north on a ship and enter the Stockenbarrel village.
  2. Talk to the man in the north village and then an event happens.
  3. Talk to Bianca’s father and Bianca on the next day. Join Bianca.
  4. Get on the ship again and touch the locked watergate. She opens the gate.
  5. Go north and enter the Cataract Caves in the waterfall.
  6. Move forward deeply and obtain the Circle of Water.
  7. Go back to Monstroferrato.




  1. Enter the mansion in the Monstroferrato town.
  2. Go inside the room on the ground floor, and an event happens. Hand two rings to Rodrigo Briscoletti.
  3. Wake the hero up in the inn at night.
  4. Talk to him on the first floor of the mansion and talk to Bianca in his villa.
  5. Go back to the inn and talk to the innkeeper and get to sleep.
  6. The next day, go to the mansion, and an event happens.
  7. Talk to the lady you marry.
  8. Go to the Stockenbarrel village.
  9. Talk to the item shop owner in the village. Receive the Wedding Veil.
  10. Begin wedding ceremony.
  11. After the wedding, receive Zenithian shield.

I highly recommend that you save the data before this marriage.



The Pothold

This section is for people who get married to Nera or Debora.

  1. Talk to Rodrigo Briscoletti.
  2. Get on the ship near the Monstroferrato town and go to the shrine located west of the watergate.
  3. Down underground and check the pot.
  4. Go back to the town and talk to him again.



Lodestar Harbour

  1. Enter the dock.
  2. Talk to the sailor and the captain.
  3. Obtain the ship for the inner sea of the world.