DQ5 Fortuna, Coburg – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Fortuna, Coburg - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.



  1. Go upstairs and talk to Harry.
  2. Go downstairs and go up again, then the day is over.
  3. Talk to everyone.
  4. Come near the door, and an event happens.
  5. Go up and outside.
  6. After an event, talk to soldiers and fight against two slave-drivers.
  7. Talk to Harry three times.
  8. Talk to Joshua and enter a barrel.
  9. The barrel is flowed away and arrives at Heaven’s Above Abbey.

We don’t equip any weapons during the battle. It is okay not to defeat them.



Heaven’s Above Abbey

  1. Wake up on the bed in Heaven’s Above Abbey.
  2. Talk to Maria and obtain 1000 golds.
  3. Go near the exit and join Harry.
  4. Go to Fortuna.




  1. Buy a wagon at the Curiosity shop in the northwest corner of Fortuna.
  2. Go downstairs in the southwest corner of Foutuna and talk to Monty.

You can recruit monsters after that.




  1. Pass through the house and enter the cave on a raft.
  2. Move forward to the deepest and obtain a letter and Zenithian sword.
  3. After that, go through the Pass to Coburg.

An event happens when you stay in Roundbeck inn.




  1. Get on a raft and enter the castle cave under the front entrance.
  2. Pass through the cave and go up to the castle.
  3. Talk to King Wilbur and obtain the Key to Coburg.
  4. Enter the room at the northeast corner of Coburg castle using the key.
  5. There’s a warp to the shrine near the Abovitall Tower. Jump in the warp.

Slime Knight is helpful. You can recruit it near Coburg.



Abovitall Tower

  1. Come out of the shrine and go to Heaven’s Above Abbey.
  2. Talk to the nun in front of the organ and join Maria.
  3. Go south and enter the tower.
  4. Obtain La’s mirror.
  5. Step inside the warp back near the tower.




  1. Step inside the warp near the tower.
  2. Talk to King Wilbur and go upstairs.
  3. Use La’s mirror for the left Queen.
  4. Defeat Faux Dowager.
  5. An event happens after defeating. Part with Harry.
  6. Go to Littlehaven at the south of Whealbrook and get on the ship.

To defeat Faux Dowager, you might want to level up to 15 or more.