DQ5 Gotha – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Gotha - Dragon Quest V Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.


Knot Welcome Inn

  1. Go to Knot Welcome Inn in the southeast of the world on the ship.
  2. Enter the north cave.
  3. Go up Mt Batten Pass to Battenberg.
  4. An event happens as soon as you arrive at the village.
  5. After that, go to the east exit in the village and go down the Gotha Path.
  6. Go out the path and Enter Gotha.

You can also go to Pontoon, Ventuno, Knick-knackatory, Helmunaptra, and Dominicus’s Dominion after obtaining the ship. It is good to go around there before climbing up the mountain.

Hero’s strength increases five points just one time if you stay at strange inn on the way to Battenberg.




  1. Enter the east house outside the castle and Talk to Sancho.
  2. Sancho takes Hero to King Albert, and then an event happens.



Riteof Passage

  1. Go East from Gotha and enter the cave.
  2. Go inside deeply and obtain Royal Insignia.
  3. Robbin’ Hood and Hippoblockomus appear and then defeat them. 
  4. Return to Gotha.

Robbin’ Hood’s attack is 235, too high. He can also make a desperate attack on your ally. The damage is around 200. Be careful.




  1. See King Albert and then talk to Sancho and the guards.
  2. Move towards the stairs, and an event happens.
  3. Talk to the hero’s wife and name two babies.
  4. After that, an event happens.
  5. Wake up at the church and go up to see hero’s wife.
  6. Check the wife’s bed, and an event happens.
  7. Enter the Chancellor’s room to check drawers and obtain Talaria.
  8. Use Talaria.



Knightmare Towers

  1. Go to the Knightmare Towers at the north Gotha.
  2. Go up the towers.
  3. Defeat Ork Pawn, Chimaera Pawn, and Kon the Knight.
  4. After defeating Kon, an event happens.

Probably, you would defeat them all if you could defeat Robbin’ Hood.