DQ5 Whealbrook, Uptaten Towers – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Prologue, Whealbrook, Uptaten Towers - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.



  1. Talk to all people on the ship. And then, it reaches the Littlehaven port.
  2. Talk to Pankraz.
  3. Go up to the deck and talk to the captain.
  4. Talk to Pankraz and get off the ship.
  5. Go outside of the port and fight against slimes.
  6. Go to Whealbrook with Pankraz.

Check barrels and drawers as you can obtain items, such as Medicinal herbs and T ‘n’ T ticket.




  1. Go to Pankraz’s home.
  2. Talk to Bianca and then talk to Pankraz.
  3. Go to the cave of the northwest in the Whealbrook town.
  4. Go down to the second basement floor and save the man who is buried under a rock. Push it.
  5. After that, go out of the cave and then talk to Sancho.
  6. Talk to Pankraz and go to the Roundbeck with him.

It is good to level up to 3 or 4 inside the cave. Don’t forget to obtain items from four treasure chests.




  1. Go outside the inn with Bianca and talk to two children with a baby greater sabrecub in the town.
  2. Go back to the inn and get to sleep.
  3. Bianca appears at night. You can go outside the town.
  4. Go to Uptaten Towers. That’s at the northwest of the Roundbeck town.

You might want to level up to 6. before going to Uptaten Towers. Then, buy Boomerang in the town. You can damage all enemies with the weapon.

By the way, Pankraz catches a cold then. He recovers after beating the boss. So, you can take a rest in the inn for as many as you like. And try it again and again.



Uptaten Towers

  1. Go inside the towers from the backyard. You can see a ladder behind when you rotate views.
  2. An event happens, and Bianca disappears suddenly. Go forward and check the left tombstone to save her.
  3. Go to the left side of the towers after saving her.
  4. Talk to a lady and go forward.
  5. Talk to the lady again and go inside.
  6. Follow the king. Talk to the king and agree to defeat ghosts.
  7. Go down to the ground floor and open the front door. So, you can go through the floor anytime.
  8. Go down to the first basement floor. Check a pot in the kitchen and obtain Torch.
  9. Go back to the third floor and then use Torch.
  10. Talk to the boss in the throne room and fight against three wax murderers.
  11. Go up to the throne room again and talk to the boss.
  12. Defeat the Haunted Housekeeper.
  13. Go back to Roundbeck town after defeating.
  14. Talk to the children in the town and join the baby great sabrecub.
  15. Talk to Pankraz and go back to Whealbrook town with him.

You can take a rest in the inn of the Uptaten towers anytime. But the party goes outside the towers after that. It is good that you use the inn after opening the front door of the towers.

I recommend that Bianca casts Dazzle to the Haunted Housekeeper. Also, it is good to let her have some medical herbs. You can defeat the boss easily if Hero and Bianca are level 7 or more.