DQ5 Faerie Lea, Coburg – Dragon Quest V Walkthrough

DQ5 Faerie Lea, Coburg - Dragon Quest V


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 5.


I’ll explain how to beat the DQ5.



  1. Go down to the basement floor in the inn of Whealbrook.
  2. Talk to the fairy on the counter and then go back to the hero’s house.
  3. Go downstairs, and an event happens.
  4. Go up to the shinny stairs.



Faerie Lea

  1. Talk to Treacle, who is the queen of Faerie Lea.
  2. Go to the Dwarf’s Den with Honey. The Den is west of the Faerie Lea town.
  3. Go down to the fourth basement floor and obtain Lots about Locks.

Honey can cast Heal, Sizz, Dazzle, and Kasap. But we cannot order any actions.



Winter Palace

  1. Go to Winter Palace. The palace is northwest of Faerie Lea Town.
  2. Open the door using Lots about Locks.
  3. Go upstairs and defeat Dwight.
  4. Defeat Winter Queen and obtain Herald of Spring.
  5. Go back to Faerie Lea Town and talk to Treacle.
  6. After passing the Herald of Spring to her, go back home.
  7. Talk to Sancho and go to the church of Walbrook.
  8. Talk to Pankraz and go to Coburg.

It is easy to beat them when your level is 9 or more. You can buy items and equipment in Faerie Lea Town.




  1. Go to Coburg castle and part with Pankraz on the second floor.
  2. Talk to the prince named Harry, Queen Consort, and a castle soldier, who is on the first floor. You can talk to him when going up the southwest of the staircases.
  3. After that, talk to the King of Coburg.
  4. Talk to Pankraz, who stands in front of Harry’s room.
  5. Talk to Harry again and open the treasure chest in the next room.
  6. Check the floor where he was standing and then find secret stairs.
  7. Go down the stairs, and you’ll see that someone is kidnapping him. Follow them through the right door.
  8. After the event, go back and talk to Pankraz.

If you don’t understand that you should talk then, you might want to talk to everyone.



Cave Northeast of Coburg

  1. Go to the cave northeast of Coburg.
  2. Move forward, and you’ll see Pankraz.
  3. Save Harry from the cell after joining Pankraz.
  4. Go to the exit of the cave, and then an event happens.

There are not any bosses in the cave. It is good after joining Pankraz if you want to level up. You can get through the cave easily if your level is 12 or more.