Ninja – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Ninja - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Ninja among these classes.


Ninja is a class with high AGI, allowing them to often act first. They possess evasion skills as well as weakening skills, including sleep, leg blocking, petrification, and instant death. However, their low HP and defense make it challenging to place them in the front row. The Ninja class can also use altercations (Bunshin), which can be commanded.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Keburi No Sue Class The skill that reduces TP used. No attack penalty from back row.
Tonsou Jutsu Escape
It runs away from battle to the last used staircase or Submagnetic Pole.
Senpuku Passive It increases the ninja’s evasion.
Sarutobi Support Senpuku Lv1 High probability to nullify enemy physical attacks for this turn.
Kumogakure Support Senpuku Lv5 It sacrifices HP for a significant evasion boost for three turns.
Kagerou Special It creates a shadow of yourself in an empty slot to draw attacks.
Otori Support Kagerou Lv1 It makes monsters target one ally for three turns.
Bunshin Special Kagerou Lv3 It uses half your HP and TP to create a copy of yourself in the party.
Fukubari Ninjutsu Piercing attack that may inflict sleep on three enemies.
Suikyou Special Fukubari Lv1
It may spread a status ailment from one enemy to all other enemies.
Makibishi Counter Fukubari Lv3 Counters attacks to the target row with a slash that may poison.
Knife Mastery Passive Prerequisite for knife skills that raises knife damage dealt.
Karuwaza Passive Sarutobi Lv3
Kumogakure Lv3
It recovers TP after successfully evading attacks.
Kubikiri Passive Suikyou Lv3
Makibishi Lv5
Normal attacks may be fatal blows.
Nikudan Passive Otori Lv3
Bunshin Lv1
Once per battle, launch a fire attack upon being KO’ed.
Knife Mastery Lv1 Slash attack causing leg bind by stitching their shadow.
Izuna Knife Mastery Lv3
Kagenui Lv3
Slash attack to one enemy. May cause petrification.
Takanoha Knife Mastery Lv5 Slash damage to random enemies several times over.
Tagen Battou Knife Mastery Lv10
Nikudan Lv3
Team up with your shadow for random slashes. Shadow will fade.