Tactics Ogre Reborn – Blackmoor (Palace of the Dead)

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Blackmoor Battle

You can encounter an enemy named Blackmoor at Level 100 of the Palace of the Dead by fulfilling certain requirements. Blackmoor specializes in powerful long-range magic attacks. Two golems will block your path, and a red dragon will approach. Like last Nybeth battle, the vanguard should take on the golems and the dragon, while the rear guard should focus on attacking Nybeth using long-range weapons such as bows and magic. All enemies must be defeated here.

Whenever you defeat Blackmoor, he will drop two items. Additionally, the Lich Queen and King possess the Ogre Blade, Ogre Shield, Ogre Helm, and Ogre Armor. You can only equip one of these weapons and armor. However, equipping three out of the four pieces will increase your overall attack power by 20% and defense by 50%. The Lich Queen and King rarely drop these Ogre sets, but you can continue targeting them using the CHARIOT feature.

If you want to fight Blackmoor again, you need to relinquish the Crest of Fire and utilize the World function to return to the state prior to Blackmoor’s defeat.



  • Not having Crest of Fire
  • Defeating Nybeth in the Chapter 4
  • Obtaining 4 weapons (Notos, Euros, Boreas, Zephyros) These weapons do not have to be equipped to fight Blackmoor.
Notos Palace of the Dead Level 99
Flesh Golem, Dreadnought, Titan
Euros Palace of the Dead Level 99
Executioner, Flesh Golem, Titan
Boreas Place of the Dead Level 64
Incubus, Cookatrice, Gryphon, Cyclops
Zephyros San Bronsa Ruin Floating Ruins Level 1