Tactics Ogre Reborn – Nybeth (Palace of the Dead)

Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Nybeth Events (Palace of the Dead)

Level Boss Notes
5 Nybeth (1st) Undead monsters such as Lv35 Leonar and Xaebos also make appearances.
22 Georges All enemies’ level is 45.
41 Beelzebuth (1st) All enemies’ level is 45.
74 Beelzebuth (2nd) Enemy’s level is 45. The boss Beelzebuth’s level is 50.
100 Nybeth (2nd) The necromancer Nybeth’s level is 50.

Nybeth is an evil necromancer that can summon undead monsters. He has two pupils named Georges and Beelzebute, who are also capable of summoning undead monsters.


This Nybeth Battle Event can only be progressed in Chapter 4; it does not occur in CODA. Please use the World function to return to Chapter 4 and then enter the Palace of the Dead.


Level 5

Nybeth has a high INT and excels in HP absorption magic. Even if you manage to reduce the number of undead monsters, he will continuously summon them, making him quite troublesome. However, his HP is low, so focusing your attacks on him should lead to victory. Undead monsters such as Lv35 Leonar and Xaebos also make appearances. Ignore them and focus on defeating Nybeth.


Level 22

Like Nybeth, Georges also has the ability to summon undead monsters. Focus on defeating the undead monsters to prevent them from hindering your progress and then take down Georges himself. The enemy level is as high as 45, so it will be a tough fight if your Unit Level is 32.


Level 41

Unlike the battle against Georges, the fight against Beelzebuth takes place in an open field. Beelzebuth’s magic attacks are formidable, but her HP is low. Therefore, it’s recommended to ignore the undead monsters and focus on attacking her.


Level 74

Just like the first encounter with Beelzebuth, the battle takes place in an open area. Her level has been raised to 50, so focus your attacks and defeat her.


Level 100

This is the battle against Level 50 Necromancer Nybeth. Two golems will block your path, and a red dragon will approach. Nybeth unleashes powerful long-range magic attacks. The vanguard should take on the golems and the dragon, while the rear guard should focus on attacking Nybeth using long-range weapons such as bows and magic. It is not necessary to defeat all of the enemies.


If you have used the World function to return to Chapter 4, please proceed to the next anchor point after defeating Nybeth. However, if you use the World function to return to CODA immediately after defeating Nybeth, it will not count as a defeat for Nybeth.