[Tactics Ogre Reborn] About Allocer in the Palace of the Dead


[Tactics Ogre Reborn] About Allocer in the Palace of the Dead

You may have already encountered Allocer in the Palace of the Dead. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the Allocer the Archer.


Allocer Status - Tactics Ogre Reborn

Allocer is an enemy that can be encountered randomly on levels 33, 53, 72, and 83 in the Palace of the Dead. If you want to encounter her, you can try entering and exiting that floor repeatedly until she appears.

Tactics Ogre Reborn version of the game features this enemy. Defeating her on your first encounter can be challenging. She’s a tough opponent to beat on your first try. If you come across her, I’d advise retreating from the battle immediately. Note that level-sync item adjustments are not applicable in this battle. If you want to defeat her, make sure you are well prepared.



Allocer Archer
Lv. 60 Unknown (Undead)
Max HP 1383
Max MP 126
RT 52
STR 250
VIT 263
DEX 260
AGI 241
AVD 242
INT 244
MND 242
RES 245

Allocer is an archer that wields a special short bow with a range of 31, which allows her to attack your unit from almost anywhere. Her stats are generally high, but her HP is relatively low. Her attack power increases as her HP decreases, making it important to defeat her quickly with a single strong attack. If the party is not strengthened, the damage received will exceed 1000. Additionally, be careful as she is undead and can revive after three turns, so it may be wise to have holy water on hand. It’s also worth noting that her RT is 52, meaning she can act very quickly. She uses the skill “Double Shot” when she has enough MP.

The enemies accompanying Allocer are also strong and formidable. They are all at level 55, and some of them have orbs that allow them to attack over a wide area.

The items that Allocer drops include Daedalus Pinion, Daedalus Rack, and Orichalcum. However, these items can also be obtained through other ways. You might want to defeat Allocer repeatedly and retreat the battle to obtain these items.


How to defeat her

Sabay Games Status Level 33 - Tactics Ogre Reborn

First, select some members of your team to act as decoys. These decoys will draw and withstand the attacks of Allocer and the other enemies. The remaining team members should use Summoning Magic II and other high-powered attacks to defeat Allocer. Remember, Allocer’s attack power increases as its HP decreases, so do not attack it halfway. Instead, try to defeat Allocer all at once. Don’t forget to bring holy water.

By the way, if you raise your stats to the levels shown in the image above, you can defeat Allocer by himself. However, this requires a lot of charms and is not recommended.



Allocer is a formidable enemy that can be encountered on levels 33, 53, 72, and 83 in the Palace of the Dead. As a skilled archer, she can attack your units from any distance, but her low HP makes her vulnerable. It’s highly recommended to defeat her swiftly and decisively. Just in case, keep in mind that you won’t receive a title even if you defeat her. Best of luck to you in your battles.