The release of Odin Valhalla Rising is scheduled for late 2023

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In Japan, June is the planned release month for Odin Valhalla Rising. However, The release in Europe and North America in late 2023. This video game is developed by Lionheart Stadio.

This video game offers an open-world adventure that can be enjoyed by many players simultaneously, with no intervening loading times. A key feature of the game is the ability for parties and guilds to enjoy content across platforms. Based on Norse mythology, the game features a majestic world, diverse heroes, and a tragic storyline. Players can explore a newly constructed world with reinterpretations.

This highly successful video game, which has already been released in Korea and Taiwan, will now be available in Europe and the United States. It is an MMORPG similar to Lineage where HP is visible, and combat can be fought manually or on auto mode.




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