Tactics Ogre Reborn – Skills


Tactics Ogre Reborn


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Tactics Ogre Reborn.


I would like to share the following four items with you.

  • Basic classes
  • Advanced classes
  • Humanoid classes
  • Monsters’ classes


Basic classes

Warrior Archer Wizard
Cleric Rune Fencer / Valkyrie Knight
Terror Knight Berserker Swordmaster
Ninja Dragoon Beast Tamer
Fusilier Warlock


Advanced classes

Ranger White Knight Knight Commander
Buccaneer Princess Priest
Dark Priest Songstress Astromancer
Paladin Necromancer Lich
Divine Knight Shaman Load


Humanoid classes

Vartan Hoplite Juggernaut
Patriarch / Matriarch Familiar


Monsters’ classes

Dragon Gryphon Cockatrice
Octopus Golem