Theo – Mercenaries Blaze


Theo - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.



Theo’s class is as below.

  • Juggler
  • Acrobat
  • Seeker
  • Assassin
  • Shinobi
  • Sentinel
  • Merchant


Blaze Exceed

Rare Hunter Rare item drop if enemy is defeated BP3, Range 1-1, Scope 1




Poison Edge Poison blade attack. DMG+PSN Lv1: MP9
Lv8: MP16
Steal Steal item from enemy Lv1: MP3
Lv8: MP10
Throw Stone Attack by throwing a stone Lv1: MP3
Lv8: MP6
Unlock Remove treasure’s trap and open Lv1: MP16
Lv8: MP1
DEX Increase [Passive] DEX+ Lv1: DEX+5
Lv8: DEX+30




Lure Attack and slip behind enemy Lv1: MP10
Lv8: MP17
Offering Final blow = more cash Lv1: MP7
Lv8: MP18
Abandon Prepare for next attack. AVD+ Lv1: AVD+15
Lv8: AVD+50
Mark Mark an enemy. AVD- Lv1: AVD-40
Lv8: AVD-75
Acrobatics [Passive] +HIT, +AVD for one-handed weapons Lv1: +8HIT, +8AVD
Lv8: +25HIT, +25HIT




Disarm Strike away weapon. DMG&ATK- Lv1: DMG&ATK -10%
Lv8: DMG&ATK -25%
Throw Knife Steal item from enemy Lv1: MP6, Range 2-4, Scope 1
Lv8: MP13, Range 2-4, Scope 1
Fasten Inc. MOV for limited time Lv1: MP18
Lv8: MP8
Herbalism Recover HP & Heals abnormal status Lv1: MP5, HP+20 and heals poison
Lv8: MP12, HP+100& heals PSN/SLW/BLI/SIL
Vigilance [Passive] Lower back and side damage




Assasin Arts DMG up when attacking from back Lv1: MP10
Lv8: MP22
Slayer Sometimes deals super damage Lv1: MP25
Lv8: MP35
Blinding Sand Attack with sand. DMG+BLIND Lv1: MP6, Range 1-2, Scope 1
Lv8: MP12, Range 1-2, Scope 1
AGI Increase [Passive] AGI+ Lv1: AGI+5
Lv8: AGI+30
Lethal Tech. [Passive] CRT+ Lv1: CRT+3%
Lv8: CRT+10%




Steal Attack and steal item from enemy Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP20
Shuriken Attack with dark arts from the east Lv1: MP22, Range 2-2, Scope 3
Lv8: MP29, Range 3-3, Scope 3

Lv8: MP42, Range 4-4, Scope 3
Stealth Step AVD up, counter, go behind enemy Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP19
Chakra HIT+, AVD+, MOVUP Lv1: MP17, HIT+10%, AVD+10%, MOVUP
Lv8: MP24, HIT+20%, AVD+20%, MOVUP
HP Increase [Passive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100




Hide Unable to be targeted for 1 turn Lv1: MP20
Lv8: MP13
Flash Bomb Blinds enemy Lv1: MP19, Range 2-4, Scope 3
Lv8: MP29, Range 2-4, Scope 3
WargroundHeal Heal HP + cure abnormal status Lv1: MP12, Heal 60 HP + PSN
Lv8: MP22, Heal 180 HP + PSN/SLW/BLI/SIL
Body Double Give all personal aggro to a specified ally Lv1: MP25, Range 1-2
Lv3: MP24, Range 1-3
Lv5: MP23, Range 1-4
Lv8: MP20, Range 1-5
Swift Foot [Passive] +MOV when HP is under % Lv1: +1MOV when HP is under 10%
Lv8: +2MOV when HP is under 30%




Accept Final blow=mag-item more common Lv1: MP7
Lv8: MP18
Jinx Seal enemy’s mouth, cause silence Lv1: MP12
Lv8: MP19
Deceive Confuse an enemy with false info Lv1: MP20
Lv8: MP32
Haggle [Passive] Items are cheper
DEX Increase [Passive] Items sell for more