Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

3. Portoga - Baharata (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

You might want to buy a Spiked Steel Whip at Portoga. Also, you should buy a Magic Shield at Baharata. If you cannot ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

2. Romaria - Asham - Isis (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

It is tough to go to Asham and Isis before leveling up. However, if you get a magic key in the Pyramid, you can buy a ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

1. Aliahan (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

Let’s start your adventure! Enter the hero’s name and answer the first questions.


If you ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

First Questions - Dragon Quest 3 [DQ3]

Unknown asks you some questions at the start of the new game. You decide the hero’s personality by the question ...

Dragon Quest 3,Walkthrough

DQ3 Recommended Weapons & Armours - Dragon Quest 3

You can pick up members to 4. It is important to recover member’s HP. So, you might want to join a priest in yo ...