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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Jewel Beast

HP 28,000 or more
Quest The Jewel Beast
Reward Bejeweled Ring
(Bejeweled Shield)

Jewel Beast is a boss of this game. As the progression rank increases, this boss becomes stronger. It can be fought at the progression rank 14 or higher. However, it will be easiest to defeat at the rank 14. It is recommended to bring “Aldora” when fighting this boss. In this case, you can obtain a Bejeweled Shield after defeating the boss.

Jewel Beast uses a powerful skill called “Jewel Blaster” to attack all allies every few turns. In particular, it almost always uses this skill on turn 2. Of course, the Jewel Blaster will be used repeatedly later. It is recommended to cast the spell “Revive” on all allies in advance. In addition, this boss often uses a skill called “Multiplex Eyes.” If an ally is paralyzed by this attack, the battle will be difficult. Therefore, it is good idea to prepare “Evil Eye Talisman” or “Mirror Shield” before the battle. Jewel Beast attacks 1 to 4 times per turn. This boss will keep using severe attacks, so it is important to keep healing. By preparing your equipment and fighting without running out of skill “Revive,” you will be more likely to win.



Jewel Blaster Deal 500 to 700 damage to all allies. This attack has a chance to lower INT.
Multiplex Eyes Cause paralysis to one ally.
Fling Inflict about 500 damage on one ally.
Crush Deal 200 damage to all allies.
Water Blast Pelt one ally with magic fish.
Energy Bolt Covert its magical powers into an arrow and launch it at one ally. Sometimes prevents casting.
Hellfire Immolate one ally in infernal flame.
Pulverize Pound one ally with a huge boulder.
Sunray Strikes one ally five times with a light arrow.
Blades of Wind Slash at one ally with a blade of wind.
Fire Illusion
An illusory beast unleashes a fire attack upon one ally.
Shadow Bolt Dark blades rise from the ground and strike one allly.
Boss-defeating skills and items

It is recommended to prepare the following items before the battle.
Evil Eye Talisman (Grants immunity to paralysis)
Mirror Shield (Grants immunity to Multiplex Eyes)
Faerie’s Crown (Strong against paralysis.)
Spell (Healing Water, Holy Water, Armor Blessing, Revive, etc.)
Fatestones (Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Opal, etc.)