Melissa – Mercenaries Blaze


Melissa - Mercenaries Blaze


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Mercenaries Blaze.



Melissa’s class is as below.

  • Witch
  • Sorceress
  • Druid
  • High Witch
  • Magus
  • Enchanter
  • Adept



Blaze Exceed

Calamity Rune Lowers all Elemental Defense by 65 BP3, Range 0-6, Scope 3




Fire Ball Attack with blazing flames Lv1: MP7, Range 1-2
Lv8: MP21, Range 1-3
Air Slash Attack with vacuum blade Lv1: MP8, Range 1-3
Lv4: MP13, Range 1-4
Lv8, MP21, Range 1-5
Brightness Blinds enemy Lv1: MP3, Scope 1
Lv8: MP10, Scope 2
Trance Causes sleep. MAT+ Lv1: MAT+10
Lv8: MAT+25
INT Increase [Passive] INT+ Lv1: INT+3
Lv8: INT+25




Volcano Erupts fire from the ground Lv1: MP15, Range 2-2
Lv4: MP22, Range 3-3
Lv8: MP29, Range 4-4
Land Spear Attack with sharp rocks Lv1: MP12, Range 1-5
Lv4: MP15, Range 1-4
Lv8: MP21, Range 1-3
Silence Silences enemy Lv1: MP9, Range 1-2
Lv8: MP20, Range 1-5
Mana Snatch Absorb MP from a foe Lv1: MP1, Range 1-3
Lv8: MP15, Range 1-4
MP Increase [Passive] Max MP+ Lv1: Max MP+10
Lv8: Max MP+75




Summon Spirit Summon spirit. Uses MP/turn Lv1: MP23
Lv8: MP9
Dismiss Spirit Dismiss summoned spirit Lv1: MP9
Life Barrier Converts HP dmg to MP dmg Lv1: MP26
Lv8: MP16
Gate Travel Teleport to designated grid Lv1: MP44
Lv8: MP23
Distant Evade [Passive] Gun/bow AVD+ Lv1: Gun/bow AVD+20
Lv8: Gun/bow AVD+75



High Witch

Hell Fire Conjures the fires of hell Lv1: MP31
Lv8: MP59
Earthquake Earthquake Lv1: MP47
Lv8: MP96
Paralyze Paralyzes enemy Lv1: MP27, Range 1-2
Lv8: MP38, Range 1-5
Weaken Weakening magic. STS down Lv1: STS down 10%, scope 1
Lv8: STS down 25%, scope 2
Magic Res. [Passive] ALL-RES+ Lv1: ALL-RES+10
Lv8: ALL-RES+25




Thunderstorm High DMG to enemies with negative wind resistance Lv1: MP25
Lv8: MP51
Air Guard Reduces damage from Bow/Gun Lv1: MP9, Reduces damage from Bow/Gun by 20%, scope 2
Lv8: MP24, Reduces damage from Bow/Gun by 45%, scope 3
Mana Portal Cast Pillar, MP to near allies Lv1: 10MP to near allies, Range 1-2
Lv8: 45MP to near allies, Range 1-4
Survival Skill [Pass.] % chance to avoid K.O. Lv1: 3% chance to avoid K.O.
Lv8: 20% chance to avoid K.O.
AbnSts Res. [Passive] ABN-STS-RES+ Lv1: ABN-STS-RES+10




Tornado Attack with tornado magic Lv1: MP44, Range 0-4
Lv8: MP86, Range 0-3
Aura Weapon Null. weapon type Lv1: MP23, scope 1
Lv8: MP15, scope 2
Reflection Reflext % of attack damage Lv1: Reflect 25% of attack damage, scope 1
Lv8: Reflect 35% of attack damage, scope 2
Metal Skin Strengthen skin like iron. DEF+ Lv1: DEF+10, Range 0-2
Lv8: DEF+50, Range 0-3
Meditation [Passive] MPR+ Lv1: MPR+3%
Lv8: MPR+10%




Ex Burst A schockwave. Holy damage + Silence Lv1: MP38
Lv8: MP56
Fossil Gas Petrifies enemies with negative earth resistance Lv1: MP44
Lv8: MP86
Mana Source MP+40 to all allies excluding self Lv1: MP98
VIT Increase [Passsive] VIT+ Lv1: VIT+3
Lv8: VIT+25
HP Increase [Passsive] Max HP+ Lv1: Max HP+10
Lv8: Max HP+100