Buccaneer – Etrian Odyssey III HD

Buccaneer - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Buccaneer among these classes.


They are descendant of pirates and have a balanced status. They are better at following up on an ally’s attack rather than engaging in one-on-one combat. Their speed and hit rate are excellent, particularly due to his high AGI. The weakness lies in the fact that it can only use attacks with the thrust attribute and no other type of attack. They can equip both swords and guns, allowing them to play an active role in both the front and the rear guard.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Trickster Class A skill that recovers TP when using attack skills.
Eagle Eye Special
It lowers one enemy’s physical defense for three turns.
Lady Luck Passive
Normal attacks have a higher probability of being critical.
Limit Boost Passive Eagle Eye Lv3
Lady Luck Lv3
A buccaneer’s limit guage will increase faster.
Gun Mastery Mastery
It raises gun damage dealt.
Quick Draw Gun Gun Mastery Lv1
Random pierce damage done to all enemies at the start of a turn.
Chase Flame
Gun Mastery Lv3
Follow-up an ally’s fire-based attack with a gunshot.
Chase Ice
Follow-up an ally’s ice-based attack with a gunshot.
Chase Volt
Follow-up an ally’s volt-based attack with a gunshot.
Rapid Fire Gun Gun Mastery Lv5
A piercing attack that fires 3 bullets at once at one enemy.
Rapier Mastery Mastery
It raises rapier damage dealt.
Lights Out Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv1
A pierce attack that may blind the enemy.
Chase Saber
Rapier Mastery Lv3
Perform a follow-up attack to an ally’s slash attack.
Chase Blow
Perform a follow-up attack to an ally’s strike attack.
Chase Thrust
Perform a follow-up attack to an ally’s pierce attack.
Hanging Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv5
A pierce attack that may bind the enemy’s head.
Swashbuckling Passive Gun Mastery Lv8
Rapier Mastery Lv8
Normal attacks may strike multiple times.
Pincushion Gun/Rapier Gun Mastery Lv10
Rapier Mastery Lv10
Random pierce attacks boosted by the user’s agility.
Troublemaker Search
It raises the encounter rate briefly.