Gladiator – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Gladiator - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Gladiator among these classes.


Gladiator is a straightforward vanguard physical attacker with outstanding strength (STR). He is an expert in combat, wielding huge swords and blunt weapons. His sword skills excel in both power and speed of execution, with some skills able to hit multiple targets. The club skill is more powerful than the sword skill and has excellent effects in hindering enemy actions such as confusion and blocking, but its action speed is slow. Gladiator is vulnerable to attribute attacks due to their low technical ability (TEC). His TP and AGI is also low, but he has the second-highest HP and a high level of vitality (VIT) among all professions. Additionally, he can equip light armor, which gives them high defensive performance.



Skill Type Requirement Description
Endless Battle Class Skill A skill for gladiators that raises physical attack power.
Berserker Vow Support Skill It sacrifices HP to raise physical attack power for three turns.
Avenger Passive Skill Berserker Vow Lv1 It recovers HP whenever an ally is defeated.
White Flame Support Skill Berserker Vow Lv5 Through meditation, nullify status ailments for 3 turns.
Stun Attack Passive Skill White Flame Lv3 May inflict stun damage with a normal attack.
Charge Special Skill Avenger Lv3
Wolf Howl Lv3
It uses one turn to increase damage on the following turn’s attack.
Wolf Howl Support Skill It decreases enemy defense for four turns. Stacks with status ailments.
Wild Swings Passive Skill Sword Mastery Lv5
Club Mastery Lv5
It attacks skills may cause splash damage to nearby enemies.
Sword Mastery Mastery Skill Prerequisite for katana skills that raises katana damage dealt.*
Break Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv1 A slashing attack brought down on a single enemy.
Rush Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv3 Flank the enemy and slash them apart at random.
Bind Cut Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv3
Break Lv5
A strong slash at one enemy, made more effective if it is bound.
Rampage Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv7 It swings violently behind enemy lines, slashing all enemies.
Blade Rave Sword Skill Sword Mastery Lv10
Rush Lv5
Rapid slashes at random enemies.
Club Mastery Mastery Skill Prerequisite for club skills that raises club damage dealt.
Crushing Blow Club Skill Club Mastery Lv1 A strike attack that smashes enemy brains. May inflict confusion.
Arm Breaker Club Skill Club Mastery Lv3 A strike attack that smashes enemy arms. May inflict arm bind.
Freezing Blow Club Skill Club Mastery Lv3
Crushing Blow Lv5
A strike attack that smashes enemies with an ice element.
Nine Smashes Club Skill Club Mastery Lv10
Arm Breaker Lv5
A strike attack that wallops one enemy quickly and repeatedly.