Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge 2


I’ll explain how to defeat the bosses with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Galuf 1
Faris 3 >>> 4



Buy a frost rod, flame rod, and thunder rod in the Karnak town. If you don’t have any money, you steal a Mythril sword from an ice commander, and you sell the sword. You can find him at the back of Castle Walse behind a waterfall.


・Frost Rod x 10
・Flame Rod x 10



Liquid Flame

HP 3000
Weakness Ice

Using a frost rod is the easiest way to defeat Liquid Flame. Let’s equip the rod and use it from the item box. The gravity of Time magic is also effective.

When the boss changes the form of the hand, any magics won’t work on it. The hurricane type of the boss uses Fira to itself for an HP recovery. In the pixel remaster version, each boss’ change of the form seems to recover its MP.



Sergeant & Cur Nakk

HP 900
Weakness Sleep, Poison, Paralysis

Firstly, sleep the sergeant. Don’t make the sergeant change to an iron claw. After inflicting sleep on it, use magics to defeat it. In this case, the goblin punch of the blue magic is the best because it is the magic, not a physical attack. Even if you use it many times, it won’t wake up the sergeant. Also, it costs MP 0. After defeating the sergeant, you wake up three dogs. When you’ve won against the sergeant already, the dogs will run away soon.

Be careful that you get 40 EXP after the battle. In the above video, Faris is just only alive. Then, she levels up to 4.




HP 3000
Weakness Ice

A frost rod is effective. You can defeat Ifrit using two rods. Obviously, you can win the battle not using a rod. In this case, you’re going to cast black magics such as Brizzard and Brizzara.




HP 3600
Weakness Fire

Using a flame rod is an effective way to beat Byblos. You can win the battle using two flame rods. It is difficult for the party members with low levels to try to defeat the boss.



Shiva & Ice Commander

HP 1500
Weakness Fire

Let’s equip a flame rod and use the other one in this battle. Also, If you can change a job to Ninja, you throw a flame scroll two times to win against Shiva.




HP 4000
Weakness Stop, Death

His weaknesses are Stop and Death. You cannot cast Death of the black magic at this point. However, if you catch a mani wizard at Wind shrine and release it to Ramuh, you can use Death magic. Be careful that sometimes it misses him.

Also, you can beat him using the Gaia abilities of the Geomancer. However, it might be a heavier situation than catching and releasing a mani wizard.




HP 3000
Weakness Water

In the pixel remaster version, throwing a water scroll to the Sandworm takes less damages than the other versions. Although, its weakness is still water. So, catch a dhorme chimera and release it to the worm. It may cause over 2500 damages. If you release just one chimera only, you cannot beat the worm. It is good that the rest of the party members uses Black magics, or summon Ifrit, or throw some water scrolls.



Cray Claw

HP 2000
Weakness Thunder, Sleep, Poison

It is the fastest way to use a Thunder rod. You can inflict sleep and poison on the boss. You can win the battle to use Sleep magic and thunder and thundara to the boss. In the above video, I inflicted both sleep and poison on it and wait for death.




You might want to learn abilities after the battle of the Cray claw.


・Blue Magic