Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge 3


I’ll explain how to defeat the bosses with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Galuf 1
Faris 4



Earn money. Steal an ether from Prototype. Find it on the small island of the south. You can sell an ether for 750 Gils.

Learn abilities before Galuf leaves the party. Now is the chance to do it.

Want List


・Flame Ring x 4
・Phoenix Down x 99


・Blue Magic
・Summon Lv.3
・Spellblade Lv.4
・Time Magic Lv.4

・Flame Scroll x 99
・Water Scroll x 99
・Lightning Scroll x 99



HP 2000
Weakness Ice

Let’s equip a frost rod and use it on the turtle. That’s the easiest way. In the above movie, I released a sandbear twice. You can catch the bear in the desert.



Flame Thrower

HP 2400
Weakness Thunder

Equipping a flame ring with all members is a better way. A flame ring nullifies a frost and recovers HP by a flame. The ring price is 50,000 Gil. It is expensive but worth buying it.

These frame throwers have a weakness for thunder. Use a thunder rod or throw a lightning scroll. When you throw a lightning scroll at them, you cause around 1000 damages. Don’t forget to learn Flame Thrower of Blue magic.



Rocket Launcher

HP 2400
Weakness Thunder

The missile which they launch inflicts confusion on us. Not equipping weapons is one of the proper measures. In the same way of the frame thrower, use a thunder rod or throw a lightning scroll. Learn missile during the battle absolutely.



Soul Cannon & Launcer

HP 12500
Weakness Thunder
HP 800

Be careful that you obtain 40 EXP after the battle. I recommend that let the members besides Faris kill themselves on the endgame.

Let the party members throw a lightning scroll at them. Before the soul cannon launches wave cannon, Faris uses the skill of ‘hide.’ After the wave cannon, commit suicide on the rest of the members to not get EXP, and then she reveals and defeats the soul cannon. When you throw it thirteen times, you can destroy them. 




Before Revived
HP 6400
After Revived
HP 2500

Let all party members throw a water scroll at Archeoaevis. So, you don’t need to care about its weakness. When you let a party member equip a flame ring, some attacks, such as blaze and frost can be nullified.

Galuf leaves the party after the battle.




HP 1500

Use a rod or throw a scroll. In the above video, I use a Hi-potion to learn self-destruct. I’m going to use the ability later.




HP 2500
Weakness Stop

Titan uses an earth shaker. At least, he uses it at the end of the battle. So, let the party members float before the battle. I used the ability ‘Mix’ an antidote and maiden’s kiss to levitate.

Titan’s level is just 1. So Lenna’s Goblin Punch is effective. It is also good that you release a sandbear.



Chimera Brain

HP 3000
Weakness Stop, Petrify, Death

There are some easy ways to win against Chimera Brain. Cast poison. Let the members hide after inflicts poison on the Chimera. That’s an effective way. Differently, sing Romero’s song to stop the Chimera. After that, throw a flame scroll eight times.

In the above video, I caught a Calcruthl at the wrecking ships before the battle. And then, I released the monster during the battle. Calcruthl that we release uses an embrace to petrify the enemy.




Here’s the end of the first world. Before warping the second world, make money selling an ether. Be sure to play the piano all over the first world.



・Portion x 99
・Pheonix Down x 99
・Ether x 99
・Flame Scroll x 99
・Lightning Scroll x 99
・Water Scroll x 99
・Frost Rod x 30
・Flame Rod x 30
・Thunder Rod x 30

Want List


Flame Ring x 4