Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge Omega

I’ll explain how to defeat the bosses with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Krile 1
Faris 9



Name Omega
HP 55530
Weakness Stop (Romeo’s Ballad)

Omega is a super boss in Final Fantasy V. It is so strong. However, you don’t need to defeat it.

Romeo’s Ballad is effective against Omega, but its action stops too shortly. It is likely to be defeated when Omega does something. So one of the party members equips Masamune and sings the ballad faster than Omega. Moreover, keep singing Romeo’s Ballad. It is better three singers are singing the song during the battle. The rest of the party members attack Omega with a spellblade “Thundaga.” Also, it would be helpful if you could set Rapid Fire.

Want List

・Romeo’s Ballad
・Dual Wield
・Hermes Sandals x 4




You can defeat Omega if you set Sing and have a Romeo’s Ballad song. Let’s try it.