Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge Shinryu


I’ll explain how to defeat Shinryu with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Krile 1
Faris 9



Name Shinryu
HP 55500 
Weakness Berserk
Skill & Magic
Tidal Wave
Atomic Ray
Ice Storm
Demon Eye
Poison Breath
Lv2 Old
Lv3 Flare
Mighty Guard

Shinryu uses Tidal Waves at first. The wave is too powerful. So, you’d better equip Coral Ring. If you equip Ice Shield, you can nullify its Atomic Ray. The dragon sometimes uses Roulette and Demon Eye. You need to wear a Ribbon. If you are a low-level player, you may have three ribbons only. As Faris’ level is 9, she definitely died due to Lv3 Flare. It is good that party members without Faris equip Ribbon. Also, you might want to level up Faris using Dragon Power or Samson’s Power. I recommend that you equip Angel Robe during the battle. The robe can nullify Poison Breath.

Things we can nullify Equipment and Skill
Tidal Wave Coral Ring
Atomic Ray
Ice Storm
Ice Shield
Demon Eye
Poison Breath Angel Robe
Lightning Dragon Shielding
(Mix Ether and Dragon Fang)

Firstly, I mixed Eyedrop and Dark Matter to inflict Darkness. It is effective against Shinryu. I also mixed Ether and Dragon Fang to nullify its Lightning. After that, I leveled up the party members using Dragon Power and attack Shinryu. That’s all.

It might be tough before the battle, as we need to prepare the battle. You can steal Ice Shield from Numb Blade. The enemy is in the Island Shrine. It might take time to steal four shields from the enemy. Buy four coral rings and angel robes in the Phamtom Village. It’s better to have Dragon Lance and Dragon Whisper. These are effective against Dragon Tribe. Crystal Dragon has the lance as a rare. You can defeat the dragon with Aporo’s Harp if you don’t have the lance and the whisper.

Want List

・Rapid Fire

・Portion x 99
・Hi-Portion x 99
・Pheonix Down x 99
・Antidote x 99
・Eyedrop x 99
・Holy Water x 99
・Maiden’s Kiss x 99
・Ether x 99
・Dragon Fang x 20
・Dark Matter x 10
・Aporo’s Harp
・Dragon Lance
・Dragon Whisper
・Ribbon x 3
・Ice Shield x 4
・Angel Robes x 4
・Coral Rings x 4




You can run away from this battle so you can steal Dragon Whisper from Shinryu many times. Let the member equip Masamune and set Steal ability. Also, let the other members set Scram. Open the chest and use Steal. After that, use Scram to run away at once.