Farmer – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Farmer - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Farmer among these classes.


Farmer is a class that may not be useful in combat, but has many useful skills for exploration. They can equip farming tools, light armor, and clothing. Their STR and TEC stats are low, and their HP is not very high. Their VIT and SPD are slightly below average, but their LUC is very high, making it an ideal class for adding abnormal status effects. If you plan to use them in battle, it’s recommended to take useful skills from their subclasses.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Earth’s Bounty Class Skill Farmer skill that increases ally EXP points if you are alive.
Camp Mastery Passive Skill It revives and cures petrify at camps. Party HP and TP recovered increases.
Waste Not Passive Skill Camp Mastery Lv3 The item drop rate at the end of battle increases.
Slap Awake Search Skill Camp Mastery Lv5 It revives an ally. Used only from the main menu.
Harvestry Search Skill It gathers resources at all chopping, mining and gathering points.
Keen Nose Passive Skill Harvestry Lv3 You have a higher chance of finding rare items at harvesting points.
Double Crop Search Skill Harvestry Lv5 It increases number of times you can chop, mine, and gather.
Horseplay Search Skill It shirks responsibility until an hour passes.
Keen Eye Search Skill It shows FOE locations on the map for a limited number of steps.
To Market Search Skill Keen Eye Lv1 It takes you back to town quickly.
Rain or Shine Search Skill Keen Eye Lv3 It nullifies trap floor damage for a limited number of steps.
Safe Stroll Search Skill Keen Eye Lv5 It eliminates enemy encounters for a limited number of steps.
Lullaby Special Skill It sings a lullaby, putting yourself and all enemies to sleep.
Play Possum Support Skill Lullaby Lv1 It breathe sslowly to lower the chance of enemies hitting you for 3 turns.
Strange Seeds Special Skill
Lullaby Lv3
It plants mystery seeds that bind all enemy heads, arms, and legs.
Rotten Egg Support Skill It lowers enemy strength for 4 turns. Status ailments increase its effect.
Persistence Passive Skill Play Possum Lv5
Strange Seeds Lv3
You may revive from defeat at the end of the turn once per battle.
Sympathy Pain Special Skill Rotten Egg Lv3 Status ailments you are affected by can be shared with the enemy.
Brave Heart Passive Skill Sympathy Pain Lv5 If HP is maxed and you are in the front row, you’ll recover TP.