Etrian Odyssey III HD: Armguards

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


Name Defense Price Slot Material Notes
Bark Gloves 4 40
Light Muffs 6 190 TEC x1
Poisonous Tail x1
Tale Gloves 9 270 HP x1
Red Tail x1
Gigapede Leg x4
Aqua Mittens 12 640 STR x1 Phyllite x1
Blue Arm x1
Rebecca Gloves 13 AGI x2 Oceanic Quest “Ayutthaya Port” Reward
Beast Gauntlets 15 1,160 VIT x1
Muscled Arm x1
Hard Gloves 18 1,780
Muddle Hypha x2
Gauntlets 21 2,760 STR x1 Soft Skin x1
Strength Bracers 23 3,330 STR x1
Diamond Arm x1
Brave Bracers 24 3,580
Red Jasper x1
Gold Caruncle x1
Bright Gauntlets 27 5,140 Crushing x1
Shining Feather x2
Exorcism Gloves 30 6,290 Cursed x2
Hazard Bulb x1
Kirikaze Gloves 31 LUC x2 Oceanic Quest “Tower of Victory” Reward
Bracers 33 9,900 Needle Tail x1
Boldrons 34 17,600
Eastern Nest x1
Superior Gloves 35 19,800 Perlite x1
Dark Gauntlets 38 25,800 TP x1
TEC x1
Cursed Bone x3