DQ10 Offline Megistris Key Emblem Story – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline Walkthrough


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.

Megistris Key Emblem Story Walkthrough

When you read this article, you can understand the procedures to finish Megistris key emblem story of Dragon Quest X Offline. You can enjoy another five key emblem stories you’d prefer in any order.

  1. Prologue
  2. Race Story
  3. Collecting 5 Key Emblems
  4. The Past Story
  5. Collecting another 5 Key Emblems
    • Verinard
    • Megistris
    • Kamiharumui
    • Gartland
    • Dollworm
  6. Final Battle



  1. Head to Megistris castle. Enter the throne room after the event.
  2. Go outside the Megistris castle town and go to Twinkling great windmill tower on Windmill’s hill region.
  3. Go up to the top floor and enter the room.
  4. Defeat the first boss.
  5. Go back to the throne room again.
  6. Go to the King’s vacation house in the Wrinkle region. Check the door on the first floor.
  7. Go back to the Megistris castle and enter Prince Raguas’ room.
  8. Go to Twinkling great windmill tower on Windmill’s hill region again and enter the room on the top floor.
  9. Defeat the second boss.
  10. Go back to the throne room. Obtain the purple key emblem. Raguas joins your party.

This is the easiest story of the another five key Emblem stories. Plus, Prince Raguas joins your party after the story.