DQ10 Offline Sage – Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X Offline


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 10 offline. This is NOT the English version.


A sage is good at casting spell. He/She can use healing and attack spells.


List of spell

Level Spell MP Description
1 Zam 4 It deals small darkness damage to an enemy.
1 Heal 2 It restores a small HP to an ally.
3 Squelch 2 It cures the poison of an ally.
5 Evac 3 It create an exit that returns to the entrance of a dungeon.
10 Bang 4 It deals small damage to all enemies.
12 Zin 5 It sometimes revives an ally at 1 HP.
15 Mahori 2 It cures the fizzle status of an ally.
18 Zammie 7 It deals medium darkness damage to an enemy.
20 Dedazzle 2 It cures the dazzle status of an ally.
25 Boom 10 It deals medium damage to all enemies.
26 Midheal 4 It restores a medium HP to an ally.
32 Zing 8 It sometimes revives an ally at 25% HP.
40 Srub 4 It sets a barrier for you to erase all enemies’ spells.
46 Multiheal 16 It restores a medium HP to all allies.
63 Moreheal 8 It restores a heavy HP to an ally.
64 Kazam 14 It deals heavy light damage to all enemies.
65 Kazing 15 It revives an ally at full HP.
65 Kaboom 23 It deals heavy damage to all enemies.
69 Kaboomle 25 It deals extreme damage to all enemies.



List of skills

Lv Exclusiveness Skill Type MP cost Description
2 Sage Only
Healing Rain Skill 6 It gradually recovers small all allies’ HP.
5 All Vocations Magical Healing +10 Passive
8 All Vocations Magical Attack +10 Passive
11 Sage Only
Book of Magic Skill 4 It causes the enemy to be more susceptible to negative effects.
16 All Vocations Max MP +10 Passive
21 All Vocations Magical Healing +10 Passive
27 Sage Only
Mysterious Enlightment Skill 8 It increases magical healing and attack by 1 level.
34 All Vocations Magical Attack +10 Passive
41 All Vocations Max MP +20 Passive
50 Sage Only
Zero Baptism Skill 10 It removes the positive effect of the enemy.
55 Sage Only
Magical Healing +30 Passive
60 Sage Only
Magical Attack +30 Passive



Skill Panels



Special Skills

Tension (%) Special Skill Weapon Description
75 Brownie Boost It increases attack to all party members and recovers their HP and MP gradually.
50 Icebird Throw Boomerang It deals seven times ice-attribute attacks that deals less than 1.0 times damage.
25 Shining Shot Bow It deals six light-elemental damages to all enemies at random for 1.25 times damage.
100 Mysterious Staff Flash Kill Staff It raises your attack power by 2 level, and then deals damage to an one enemy.



Vocation Quests

10 ドルマ★レッスン Dolma ★ Lesson
15 友の行方 Whereabouts of friends
20 いにしえの聖賢を訪ねて Visit the Ancient Holy Wise
25 呪われし友に手を Cursed Hands to Friends
30 賢者たちの戦い Battle of the Sages

Dollwarm Crystal Palace E-2 on the 1st floor



Unlock Quest

賢者への登竜門 Gate to the Sage Priest: Level 30
Mage: Level 30